The Dubonnet: Where To Buy?

If you've been searching for Dubonnet, you're not alone. After all, it is a favorite of Queen Elizabeth II, and recently she even gave it the Royal Warrant of Appointment. As such, many people are looking for this unique and flavorful drink.

First off, if you're in the United States, your best bet is to look for Dubonnet from Heaven Hill Distilleries of Bardstown, Kentucky. The American version of Dubonnet is 19% by volume and contains herbs, spices and quinine which gives it a bit of an edge compared to other drinks.

For those in France looking for Dubonnet, it is produced by Pernod Ricard and contains 14.8% alcohol by volume. This version has a viscous mouth feel and has a spicy, fruity taste that is similar to Campari sweet .

If you're having trouble finding Dubonnet at your local store or liquor shop, there are also online retailers who sell the drink as well. If you search through sites such as Drizly or BevMo you should be able to find it at a reasonable price with ease.

Finally, if none of thse options work out for you then you can always try substituting Vermouth instead. Vermouth is also a fortified but it has less sweetness than Dubonnet and pairs great with just like the queen's favorite drink does.

So if you're looking for Dubonnet don't worry! With so many options available today there should be no problem finding this unique kind of drink that has been enjoyed by royalty around the world!

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The Difficulty of Finding Dubonnet

Dubonnet is increasingly becoming difficult to find on store shelves due to its newfound popularity, as it recently received the Royal Warrant of Appointment from Queen Elizabeth II. The Royal Warrant is a recognition of regularly supplied goods or services to the royal household, and this honor has made Dubonnet an even more sought-after commodity. Its unique flavor and reputation for being a favored drink of the Queen has driven demand for the drink, leading to shortages in stores aross the UK and beyond. To make matters worse, the production process for Dubonnet is complex and can take up to two years, making it hard to keep up with demand. As a result, many consumers have had difficulty finding Dubonnet in their local stores.

Where Can I Find Dubonnet?

Yes, Dubonnet is still available to purchase. It is produced in France by Pernod Ricard and in the United States by Heaven Hill Distilleries of Bardstown, Kentucky. The French-made version has an alcohol content of 14.8% and the US version 19%. Both versions are widely available in liquor stores and online retailers.

What Is the Taste of Dubonnet?

Dubonnet has a unique flavor that is reminiscent of Campari and sweet vermouth. It has a viscous mouthfeel and a spicy, fruity taste. It contains herbs, spices, and quinine, the malaria-fighting ingredient that gives it a slightly edge. On its own, Dubonnet has an intense flavor that may not be for everyone. When mixed with other ingredients, however, it can lend complexity to and other drinks.

How Queen Elizabeth II Enjoys Drinking Dubonnet

Queen Elizabeth is known to enjoy a refreshing drink of Dubonnet before lunch. Her preferred ratio is 2 parts Dubonnet to 1 part gin, served on the rocks with either a twist or a slice of lemon for garnish. By combining the sweet and bitter flavours of the Dubonnet and gin, Queen Elizabeth enjoys a satisfying that is both light and flavoursome.


Dubonnet is an old-school medicinal drink that has recently gained popularity due to its Royal Warrant of Appointment from Queen Elizabeth II. It contains herbs, spices and quinine and has a viscous mouth feel with a spicy, fruity taste. For those lookng to purchase Dubonnet, it is currently produced in France by Pernod Ricard and in the United States by Heaven Hill Distilleries of Bardstown, Kentucky. Both versions are available for purchase on their respective websites or at local liquor stores. As a substitute for Dubonnet, experts recommend Vermouth as it is a fortified wine flavoured with herbs and spices that pairs well with gin.

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