The Sweet Flavor of Success: The Craftsmanship Behind Barr Hill Vodka

Barr Hill by Caledonia is a unique and super-premium spirit. Distilled entirely from raw honey, with four pounds of raw honey in every bottle, Barr Hill Vodka is gluten free, kosher and has a distinct flavor profile.

The nose of the vodka has an inviting aroma of wildflower honey and juniper, which gives way to a touch of green leafiness on the mid-palate. As you sip, the warmth simmers across your palate while darker, more resiny juniper blooms. The finish is quite long and warm with a pleasant richness that lingers on your tongue.

This vodka is ideally served chilled or over ice with a splash of tonic or for a refreshing drink. You can also try it in such as the classic martini or Moscow mule. It can also be used to make delicious infused drinks with fresh fruits and herbs for extra flavor.

Barr Hill Vodka is an excellent choice for anyone loking for an artisanal spirit that has been carefully crafted using top-notch ingredients. With its unique flavor profile, this vodka makes an ideal addition to any home bar or cocktail party!

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The Location of Barr Hill Vodka Production

Barr Hill Vodka is made in Hardwick, Vermont at Caledonia Spirits. Caledonia Spirits is a craft distillery located in the rolling hills of northern Vermont that specializes in making super-premium spirits with raw northern honey as the backbone of each bottle. The vodka is made using an artisanal two-step process that uses local grains and honey to create a distinctive, smooth spirit. Following distillation, it is filtered through maple charcoal and blended with natural spring water from nearby Caledonia County. Each batch of Barr Hill Vodka is handcrafted in small batches and bottled on site at the distillery, ensuring that every bottle captures the unique flavors of this beautiful region.

Is Barr Hill Vodka Gluten-Free?

Yes, Barr Hill Vodka is gluten free. This vodka is made from a single ingredient – raw honey – and contains no grains or other gluten-containing ingredients. The production process also does not involve any contact with potential sources of gluten. Barr Hill Vodka is certified by the Orthodox Union as kosher and gluten free, so you can be ensured that it does not conain any traces of gluten.

What Are the Tastes and Aromas of Barr Hill Gin?

Barr Hill has a unique flavor profile that starts with a subtle hint of wildflower honey and green leafiness on the mid-palate. As it moves across the tongue, a warm, resinous juniper flavor develops, lingering on the tongue for a long finish. The juniper flavor fades out slowly, leaving behind a pleasant richness that lingers in the mouth.


Barr Hill Vodka is a truly unique and special spirit. Crafted entirely from raw honey, with four pounds of raw honey in every bottle, this gluten-free and Kosher vodka has a touch of real wildflower honey flavor with green leafiness on the mid-palate. Its warmth simmers all across the palate while darker, more resiny juniper blooms, before finally burning out slowly on its long finish. It's no wnder then why Barr Hill Vodka has become one of the most sought after super-premium spirits on the market today.

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