Taste the Sweetness of Belle Meade Honey!

Introducing Belle Meade Honey, the latest offering from Nashville Distillery and Trubee Honey. This sweet nectar is made with a special blend of local wildflower honey aged in empty Belle Meade . After the honey has been aged in the barrels, Nelson Green Brier Distillery refills them with their proprietary blend of bourbon and finishes them for an additional 6-8 months.

Belle Meade Honey is a unique product that provdes a depth of flavor that you won't find in regular honey. It has strong notes of oak and vanilla, complimented by the subtle sweetness of wildflower honey. The aging process also helps to bring out the natural flavors of the bourbon, giving this honey a unique taste that will tantalize your taste buds.

Distillers often refer to barrels used to create exceptional flavored products as “honey barrels”. However, Nashville Distillery and Trubee Honey have taken it one step further with this special blend. The aging process allows for all of the flavors to be brought out and blended tgether to create something truly special.

Belle Meade Honey is perfect for baking or spreading on toast or biscuits for breakfast. It's also great in or mixed with or hot chocolate. You can even drizzle it over ice cream or pancakes for an extra special treat!

If you're looking for smething different than your average store-bought honey, look no further than Belle Meade Honey! This product will take your culinary experiences to the next level and you'll be glad you tried it!

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The Process of Making Belle Meade Honey

Belle Meade honey is made using a unique and special process. TruBee Honey sources local wildflower honey and fills empty Belle Meade Bourbon barrels with it. The honey is then aged in the barrels for a period of time, allowing it to gain flavor from the barrel itself. Once the barrels are emptied of the honey, they are refilled with a proprietary blend of bourbon from Nelson Green Brier Distillery and left to finish for an additional 6-8 months. After this time has passed, the honey is extracted, bottled and ready to be enjoyed! This aging process gves Belle Meade Honey its unique flavor profile that is perfect for adding depth to your favorite recipes or just enjoyed on its own.

The Benefits of a Honey Cask

A honey cask is a specially crafted barrel used in distilling that has been infused with raw, organic honey. This infusion gives the spirit an extra layer of flavor complexity, adding a unique sweetness and note of floral aromas to the spirit. The honey used in the cask is carefully sourced from Trubee Honey – an organic, sustainable apiary located in Northern California – and is made from natural nectar collected from wildflowers, clover, and orange blossom. The honey is then filtered through a fine mesh to remove any impurities before being added to the barrel for aging. During this process, the interacts with the sugars in the raw honey, resulting in an incredibly smooth and flavorful spirit.

The Origins of Belle Meade

Belle Meade Bourbon, also known as Belle Meade Classic, is produced at the Nashville Distillery in Nashville, . The is made from a blend of corn, and malted barley that has been aged for 8-10 years in charred American oak barrels. The distillery uses a unique double-distillation process to produce the signature smooth finish that is characteristic of this bourbon. The whiskey is then bottled by hand at the distillery bfore being released to the public.

Who Is the Owner of Belle Meade?

Belle Meade Plantation is currently owned by William Harding Jackson Jr., the two-year-old son of Selene Elliston and the late William Harding Jackson. Selene is the sister of William Harding Jackson, and she has taken over ownership of the plantation sice her brother's death. Belle Meade is managed by a board of directors, which includes both family members and other professionals with an interest in preserving and maintaining the historical site.


The Belle Meade Honey is an exquisite, complex honey that has been aged and blended with Belle Meade Bourbon for a truy unique flavor. The process of aging the honey in bourbon barrels and finishing it for an additional 6-8 months results in a smooth, velvety taste that can be enjoyed on its own or as an accompaniment to your favorite dishes. It is perfect for adding sweetness and complexity to any dish, from toast and pastries to sauces and desserts. With its unique flavor profile and dedication to craftsmanship, Belle Meade Honey is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

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