BevMo – A Great Place to Shop for Wine, Beer, and Spirits

BevMo is a well-known retailer in the United States. The company has a large number of stores located in California, and it also operates a few stores in Arizona, Nevada, and Washington.

BevMo specializes in selling , , and to consumers. In addition to its brick-and-mortar stores, BevMo also operates an online store that allows customers to purchase products from the comfort of their homes.

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BevMo offers a wide variety of products, including both domestic and imported wines, beers, and spirits. The company also sells a variety of accessories, such as wine , beer mugs, and cocktail shakers. BevMo is committed to providing excellent customer service, and it offers a loyalty program that rewards customers for their patronage.

BevMo also hosts a number of events, such as wine tastings and educational seminars, at its stores. These events are open to the public and provide an opportunity for BevMo customers to learn more about the products that the company sells.

BevMo is a trusted source for alcohol education, and its store associates are always available to answer questions that consumers may have about the products that BevMo sells. BevMo is dedicated to helping its customers enjoy alcohol responsibly.

Can I Go In BevMo?

Yes, customers aged 21 and older can enter BevMo stores. Valid California IDs will be required for all customers.

Can Anyone Buy From BevMo?

BevMo! is a retailer that specializes in beverages, so the answer to this question depends on what you mean by “buy.” If you are asking if customers can purchase items from the store, then the answer is yes – anyone over the age of 21 who is a legal resident of the United States can visit a BevMo! store and buy items. If you are asking if customers can become members of BevMo!, then the answer is also yes – membership is free and open to anyone over 21.

What Is BevMo Short For?

BevMo! is short for Beverages and More.

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Does BevMo Have Better Prices?

There are a few things to consider when answering this question.

BevMo generally has good prices on most alcoholic beverages. However, there are a few exceptions. For example, Hi Time Wine Cellars in Costa Mesa often has better prices on than BevMo does.

That said, BevMo typically offers better deals on wine and beer than other liquor stores do. So, if you're looking for a good deal on wine or beer, BevMo is probably your best bet.

Is BevMo Going Out Of Business?

There are no plans to close any BevMo stores at this time. BevMo is a regional chain that operates in California, Washington and Arizona. GoPuff is a national chain that operates in abot 30 states. BevMo has about 2,000 employees and GoPuff has about 3,000 employees.

Do You Need An ID To Get Into BevMo?

In order to purchase alcohol from BevMo, you must be 21 years of age or older and present a valid ID. Acceptable forms of identification include a driver's license, passport, or oter government-issued photo ID.

Does BevMo Sell Kegs?

Yes, BevMo! sells kegs of various domestic, craft and imported beers. Kegs must be pre-ordered for pick up at your local store and will typically be avaiable in 4 days.

Is It Cheaper To Buy Cans Or A Keg?

It depends on the brand of beer you are purchasing. For example, a keg of Budweiser may be cheaper than buying cans of Budweiser, but a keg of may be more expensive than buying cans of craft beer. Additionally, you need to factor in the cost of cups- if you are using disposable cups, it will be cheaper to buy cans. If you are using reusable cups, it will be cheaper to buy a keg.

What Is The 5 Cent Sale At BevMo?

The 5 cent sale at BevMo is a promotion that runs year round and stipulates that if you buy one bottle of certain wines, you get the second bottle for just 5 cents. This promotion is a great way for customers to stock up on teir favorite wines at a discounted price.

Did GoPuff Buys BevMo?

Yes, goPuff has agreed to acquire BevMo for $350 million. This acquisition will give goPuff a foothold in the California market, as BevMo is the largest liquor store chain in that state. With this move, goPuff is lookng to capitalize on the growing demand for alcohol delivery.

What Company Bought BevMo?

In December of 2018, Philadelphia-based GoPuff announced their acquisition of West Coast liquor store chain BevMo! in a $350 million deal. This move expands GoPuff's presence on the West Coast and provides them with a larger inventory of alcoholic beverages to offer their customers.

Is BevMo Only In California?

BevMo is not only in California, but also in Arizona, Washington, and online.


If you're looking for a great place to buy wine, beer, and spirits, BevMo is the perfect retailer for you. With a wide selection of products, excellent customer service, and a commitment to educating its customers about responsible alcohol consumption, BevMo is the perfect place to shop for all of your alcoholic needs.

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