Bhramari Brewing Launches in Charlotte

Bhramari , an Asheville-based brewery known for its creative and whimsical approach to , is expanding its reach to Charlotte. The company recently announced its plans to open a new location in the Queen City, joining the thriving scene in the area.

The brewery has undergone a significant restructuring, bringing in additional investment and assembling a new leadership team based locally in Charlotte. This move demonstrates Bhramari Brewing's commitment to the city and its desire to establish a strong presence in the growing craft beer community.

The new team began working full-time in March, tasked with creating a new brand and developing an updated and re-imagined space for the brewery. With their expertise and passion for craft beer, they are determined to bring something unique and exciting to the Charlotte market.

Bhramari Brewing's tagline, “Creative. Whimsical. Beer.”, perfectly captures the essence of their brand and what sets them apart from other breweries. They are known for their innovative and experimental approach to brewing, constantly pushing the boundaries and creating beers that are both delicious and imaginative.

One of the key factors that drew Bhramari Brewing to Charlotte is the city's vibrant craft beer community. Over the years, Charlotte has seen a significant growth in the number of craft breweries, with beer enthusiasts eagerly embracing the local offerings. The city has become a hub for beer lovers, and Bhramari Brewing aims to contribute to this thriving scene.

The new location in Charlotte will be at 330 W. Tremont Ave, placing Bhramari Brewing in the heart of the city's brewery district. It will be in close proximity to other popular establishments such as Benny Ferrovia's, Pins Mechanical, and Sycamore Brewing, creating a vibrant and dynamic beer destination.

With a target opening date of July 15, Bhramari Brewing's arrival in Charlotte is highly anticipated. Beer enthusiasts and locals alike are eagerly waiting to experience the brewery's unique and imaginative beers, as well as the re-imagined space that promises to have a quirky personality that can't be duplicated.

As the craft beer scene continues to flourish in Charlotte, Bhramari Brewing's expansion is a testament to the city's growing reputation as a craft beer hotspot. The brewery's commitment to creativity and innovation, combined with the expertise of their new local leadership team, ensures that their presence in Charlotte will be a welcome addition to the community.

Bhramari Brewing's decision to expand to Charlotte is an exciting development for both the brewery and the city's craft beer scene. With their creative and whimsical approach to brewing, Bhramari Brewing is set to make a lasting impression on Charlotte's beer enthusiasts. The brewery's new location in the heart of the brewery district, along with their commitment to quality and innovation, ensures that their presence in Charlotte will be a significant and welcomed addition.

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What Happened To Bhramari Brewing?

Bhramari Brewing, a popular brewery located at 101 S, has recently undergone significant changes. Its parent company recently announced a restructuring of the business, which involved bringing in additional investment and assembling a new leadership team based locally. The new team has been working full-time since March to revamp the brewery's brand and enhance the overall experience for customers.

Some key points to note about the changes at Bhramari Brewing:

1. Restructuring: The parent company decided to restructure the business, likely to improve its operations and profitability. This could involve various changes in management, operations, and strategy to ensure a more efficient and successful future for the brewery.

2. Additional investment: To support the restructuring efforts and fuel growth, Bhramari Brewing has secured additional investment. This influx of funds can be used to invest in various areas such as facility improvements, marketing strategies, and expanding the beer selection.

3. New leadership team: A new locally-based leadership team has been assembled to lead the revamped Bhramari Brewing. This team brings fresh perspectives and expertise to the table with the aim of transforming the brewery's offerings and customer experience.

4. Brand development: One of the primary focuses of the new team is to create a new brand for Bhramari Brewing. This involves developing a unique identity that sets the brewery apart from its competition and resonates with its target audience.

5. Space renovation: Alongside the brand development, the team is also re-imagining and updating the physical space at 101 S. This could include renovations to the taproom, brewing area, and outdoor spaces to create a more inviting and enjoyable atmosphere for visitors.

Bhramari Brewing has undergone significant changes, including a restructuring, additional investment, and the formation of a new leadership team. With these changes in place, the brewery aims to create a new brand and improve its space to provide an enhanced experience for its customers.

Who Owns Bhramari Brewery?

Bhramari Brewing Company is co-owned by Gary Sernack and Brian Quade. Gary Sernack serves as


Bhramari Brewing's expansion into Charlotte is a strategic move that aligns with the city's growing craft beer scene. The company's restructuring, additional investment, and recruitment of a new locally-based leadership team demonstrate their commitment to success in this market. The brewery's tagline of “Creative. Whimsical. Unique.” suggests a focus on innovative and imaginative brewing techniques, which will likely resonate with the Charlotte community. With a planned opening date of July 15, Bhramari Brewing will join the ranks of other successful craft breweries in the area, capitalizing on Charlotte's reputation as a thriving craft beer destination. This move not only presents an exciting opportunity for Bhramari Brewing to expand its brand and reach a new audience, but it also contributes to the continued growth and diversity of the craft beer industry in Charlotte.

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