The Richness of Black Hawk Beer

When it comes to pairing with sports, few combinations are as iconic as hockey and a cold, refreshing brew. And for Chicagoans, there's no better choice than Black Hawk Beer. Crafted with passion and pride, this American Pale is a fitting tribute to the city's beloved hockey team, the Blackhawks.

Black Hawk Beer is the brainchild of Hawk Tail Brewery, a local establishment founded by Derek and Angela Nordstrom, Randall Vandenhoven, and Tony and Allison Goodwin. With a shared love for both hockey and , these passionate individuals set out to create a beer that captures the spirit and energy of Chicago's favorite sport.

What sets Black Hawk Beer apart from other brews is its easy-drinking nature. This American Pale Ale strikes the perfect balance between hoppy bitterness and malty sweetness, making it a crowd-pleaser for both casual fans and beer enthusiasts alike. The smooth and crisp finish of Black Hawk Beer makes it a refreshing choice, whether you're cheering at the game or relaxing at home.

For those who appreciate a well-crafted , Notch Session Pils Czech Pale Lager is a top pick. Its light body and clean, crisp taste make it incredibly drinkable, perfect for those who prefer a lighter beer without sacrificing flavor.

If you're in the mood for a classic pilsner, Allagash Truepenny Pilsner won't disappoint. This award-winning brew showcases a balanced blend of and , resulting in a smooth, slightly spicy flavor that's sure to please any beer connoisseur.

For fans of wheat beer, Lost Coast Great White is a fantastic choice. Its hazy golden appearance and citrusy notes make for a refreshing and flavorful experience. With hints of coriander and orange peel, this wheat beer is a delightful option for those seeking a beer with a twist.

For those who enjoy the complexity of a saison, Boulevard Tank 7 American Saison is a must-try. This farmhouse ale offers a unique combination of fruity esters, peppery spice, and a dry finish. Its bold and distinctive flavor profile makes it a standout choice for those looking to explore new horizons in beer.

If you're in the mood for something wild, Russian River Consecration Ale is a top recommendation. This sour ale is aged in with currants, resulting in a complex and tart flavor profile. With notes of dark fruit, oak, and a hint of acidity, this beer is a true delight for the adventurous beer drinker.

Last but not least, for those who appreciate the rich and robust flavors of a barleywine, Anchor Old Foghorn Barleywine is a top contender. With its deep amber color and caramel-forward taste, this beer offers a delightful blend of malt sweetness and hop bitterness. Its full-bodied nature and higher content make it a perfect choice for sipping and savoring.

The world of American beer offers a wide range of options to satisfy every palate. Whether you're a hockey fan enjoying a Black Hawk Beer at the game or exploring the diverse flavors of , there's a brew out there for everyone. So raise your glass and cheers to the perfect pairing of hockey and beer!

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What Is The Official Beer Of The Chicago Blackhawks?

The official beer of the Chicago Blackhawks is a collaboration between two iconic Chicago brands: hockey and beer. This partnership has brought forth an American Pale Ale that is perfect for enjoying while watching a Blackhawks game, whether you're at the arena or in the comfort of your own home.

This beer is designed to be easy-drinking, making it a great choice for both casual fans and die-hard hockey enthusiasts. Its smooth and refreshing taste is perfect for sipping on during the fast-paced action of a Blackhawks game.

The collaboration between hockey and beer is a natural fit, as both have deep roots in Chicago's culture. Hockey has been a beloved sport in the city for decades, and beer has long been a popular choice for fans to enjoy while cheering on their favorite team.

To enhance your understanding, here are some key points about this beer:

– It is an American Pale Ale, which means it is a style of beer known for its balance between hop bitterness and malt sweetness.
– The beer is specifically crafted to be easy-drinking, meaning it is not overly heavy or , making it a great choice for those who prefer a lighter beer.
– It is a collaboration between two Chicago originals, highlighting the city's passion for both hockey and beer.
– This beer is not only enjoyed by fans at the games but can also be purchased and enjoyed by fans at home while watching the Blackhawks on TV.

The official beer of the Chicago Blackhawks is an American Pale Ale that combines the best of two Chicago traditions: hockey and beer. Its easy-drinking nature and smooth taste make it the perfect companion for hockey fans, whether they're watching the game live or from the comfort of their own home.

Who Owns Hawk Tail Brewery?

Hawk Tail Brewery is owned by a group of individuals who share a passion for brewing and entrepreneurship. The owners of Hawk Tail Brewery are Derek and Angela Nordstrom, Randall Vandenhoven, and Tony and Allison Goodwin. These individuals came together with the goal of creating a unique and exciting brewery experience for beer enthusiasts.

Derek and Angela Nordstrom bring their expertise in brewing and recipe development to the table. With years of experience in the industry, they have honed their skills and are committed to producing high-quality craft beers.

Randall Vandenhoven brings his business acumen and experience in marketing and operations to the brewery. His expertise in managing the day-to-day aspects of the business ensures that Hawk Tail Brewery runs smoothly and efficiently.

Tony and Allison Goodwin, as owners of the brewery, contribute their passion for the craft beer industry and their commitment to creating a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere for customers. They strive to provide a unique and memorable experience for visitors to Hawk Tail Brewery.

Together, these owners bring a diverse range of skills and expertise to Hawk Tail Brewery. Their shared vision and dedication to their craft have made Hawk Tail Brewery a beloved destination for beer lovers in the community.


Black Hawk Beer is a fantastic choice for any beer enthusiast, whether you're a hockey fan or not. This easy-drinking American Pale Ale combines the best of Chicago's hockey culture and brewing tradition. It offers a refreshing and approachable taste that is perfect for enjoying while watching a game or simply relaxing at home.

Black Hawk Beer stands out among the plethora of American beers available today. Its smooth and balanced flavor profile makes it a versatile option that can be enjoyed by both casual beer drinkers and connoisseurs alike. The brewery, Hawk Tail Brewery, is owned by a group of passionate individuals who are dedicated to crafting high-quality beers that capture the spirit of Chicago.

When it comes to American beers, Black Hawk Beer is definitely a standout choice. Its commitment to quality and taste is evident in every sip. So, whether you're a hockey fan or just someone who appreciates a great beer, give Black Hawk Beer a try. You won't be disappointed.

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