Can you get root beer in a keg?

Answered by Matthew Yawn

You can definitely get root in a keg! Root beer kegs are a great option for parties, events, or any gathering where you want to serve a large number of people with a delicious and refreshing . Fitz's Draught Root Beer offers their kegs for rent at a reasonable price of $125.

Now, let's talk about the size of the root beer keg and how many people it can serve. The Fitz's Draught Root Beer kegs contain 7.75 gallons of root beer, which is equivalent to a quarter-barrel. This size is perfect for serving a moderate-sized group of people.

In terms of serving size, the standard serving of root beer is usually 12 ounces. With a keg containing 7.75 gallons of root beer, you can expect to serve approximately 80 servings of 12 ounces each. This estimation is based on the assumption that each person will have one serving of root beer. However, it's important to keep in mind that people may want more than one serving, especially if the root beer is particularly delicious!

If you are hosting an event with a larger number of people, you might want to consider renting multiple root beer kegs to ensure that everyone gets their fair share. It's always better to have a surplus of root beer than to run out and leave your guests disappointed.

Root beer kegs are a convenient and fun way to serve this classic beverage to a crowd. They eliminate the need for individual bottles or cans and provide a more interactive experience for your guests. Plus, the taste of root beer straight from the keg is simply unbeatable!

When it comes to serving root beer from a keg, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you will need to have a keg tap or a kegerator to dispense the root beer. You can usually rent or purchase these accessories along with the keg itself.

Second, make sure you have enough cups or for your guests to enjoy their root beer. It's always a good idea to have some extra cups on hand in case of spills or if guests want to have multiple servings.

Lastly, don't forget to chill the root beer keg before serving. Root beer is best enjoyed when it's cold, so make sure to store the keg in a cool place or use a kegerator to keep it at the ideal temperature.

Getting a root beer keg is a fantastic choice if you want to serve a large group of people with a tasty and nostalgic beverage. It's a fun and unique way to add some excitement to your event, and your guests will surely appreciate the effort you put into providing them with a memorable experience.

So go ahead, rent a Fitz's Draught Root Beer keg, and get ready to serve up some refreshing and delicious root beer to your friends, family, or guests. Cheers!