Savor the Sweetness of Cantera Negra Coffee Liqueur

Are you looking for an interesting and unique addition to your after dinner drinks? Look no furter than Cantera Negra ! This smooth, velvety liqueur is the perfect combination of coffee flavor and .

Cantera Negra Coffee Liqueur is produced by Deutsch Family & in collaboration with Two Sons Imports, LLC. The name Cantera Negra comes from Spanish and translates to “black quarry rock” – a nod to the unique flavor profile of this drink.

This liqueur is made from high-quality tequila which is then infused with a blend of coffee flavors. As a result, it has a mild coffee taste that pairs perfectly with the sweet taste of tequila. This makes it an excellent alternative to traditional after dinner drinks like Amaretto on ice.

The liqueur is best enjoyed cold or at room temperature – making it ideal for sipping or as an ingredient in . For example, it can be used to make a delicious espresso martini or as an interesting twist on classic margaritas. If you're looking for something different to serve at your next dinner party, this could be just what you need!

Cantera Negra Coffee Liqueur is available now and promises to be a popular choice among drinkers this season. Try it today and enjoy the unique flavor combination that only Cantera Negra can provide!

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Is Cantera Negra Sweet?

Cantera Negra is a sweet black coffee with a hint of tequila. It has a smooth, sweet flavor that is balanced by the subtle tequila notes. The sweetness comes from the combination of brown sugar and agave syrup, which gives it a rich and velvety texture. Enjoy it as an after-dinner drink or as an alternative to regular black coffee.

What is the Meaning of ‘Cantera Negra' in English?

Cantera Negra translates to “black quarry rock” in English. It is derived from the Spanish words “cantera,” meaning a quarry, and “negra,” meaning black. This phrase is used to refer to a type of rock found in quarries that is dark-colored, typically black or gray.

Who Is the Manufacturer of Cantera Negra?

Cantera Negra is a premium tequila produced by Two Sons Imports, LLC in partnership with Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits. The brand was founded by the Lopez family in the Mexican state of Jalisco, and has been producing high-quality tequilas for over 150 years. Cantera Negra is crafted usig 100% estate-grown agave which is harvested and cooked on-site, then distilled in copper pot stills before being aged for six months in white oak to create an exceptionally smooth flavor profile. The brand has earned numerous awards for its superior quality and craftsmanship, including a Double Gold Medal from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

The Origin of Cantera Negra

Cantera Negra is a renowned brand of award-winning tequila made in Jalisco, Mexico. The entire process, from harvest to bottle, is all done by hand uing traditional methods, ensuring the highest quality of product for the consumer. The tequila is made from agave plants that are grown in the nutrient-rich volcanic soil of Jalisco. This unique soil, combined with the high altitude and warm climate of the region, creates a smooth and flavorful tequila that is highly sought after. From harvesting and cooking to fermentation and distillation, every step of the process is closely monitored by experts in order to ensure that only the best tequila makes it into a Cantera Negra bottle.


Cantera Negra Coffee Liqueur is an innovative and unique blend of tequila and coffee, sure to be a hit with those looking for something new and exciting. Its velvety smooth flavor combines the sweetness of black coffee with a hint of tequila for a unique flavor experience. The name Cantera Negra is derived from the Spanish words meaning “black quarry rock” which reflects its bold taste. With the backing from Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits, this product is sure to bcome one of the most popular drinks on the market. So if you're looking for something new and exciting, give Cantera Negra Coffee Liqueur a try!

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