Taste-Testing the Fizzy Wonders of Corona Seltzer!

It's officially summertime, and the weather is hot! What beter way to stay cool than by cracking open a refreshing Corona Seltzer? Corona Seltzers are a fun, light, and flavorful way to beat the heat. Not only do they taste great, but they come in a variety of delicious flavors that are just perfect for any occasion.

So what flavors can you choose from? There's somethig for everyone! The three main flavors available are Mango, Lime, and Blackberry Lime. Each flavor has its own unique taste that will make your taste buds tingle with excitement.

The Mango flavor is full of juicy mango goodness with just a hint of lime for a tart finish. Its light sweetness makes it perfect for sipping on hot summer days or as an aftr dinner treat.

The Lime flavor is tart yet sweet and provides a pleasant punch of citrusy goodness. It's great for thoe who like their seltzer with an extra kick!

Finally, the Blackberry Lime flavor adds anoher layer of fruity flavor to your drink. This one is slightly sweeter than the other two flavors but still provides an enjoyable balance between sweet and sour notes.

No matter which flavor you choose, you can be sure that you'll be enjoying a tasty and refreshing this summer with Corona Seltzers! So grab yourself some today and start sipping on some cool refreshment today!

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Flavors of Corona Seltzer

Corona Tropical Mix Pack offers four unique and delicious flavors: Citrus-Lime, Spicy Pineapple, Mandarin-Starfruit, and Watermelon-Lime. All of these flavors are light and refreshing, with notes of natural fruit flavors. Each flavor is also gluten-free and contains 4.5% by volume, making it the perfect beverage for any occasion. Enjoy the sweet citrus taste of the Citrus-Lime flavor as well as the spicy kick of the Spicy Pineapple flavor. The Mandarin-Starfruit provides a tropical twist while the Watermelon-Lime offers a light and refreshing taste.

The Ongoing Impact of the Coronavirus on Seltzer Production

Yes, Corona Hard Seltzer is still being made! The popular seltzer comes in three flavors – Tropical Lime, Mango and Pineapple – and is now available in a 24oz can. Corona Hard Seltzer is made with a unique blend of real fruit juice and sparkling , giving it a light and refreshing taste. Each can contains just 100 calories and 5% ABV, so you can enjoy the great taste without the guilt!

The Most Popular Flavor of Seltzer

The most popular flavor of seltzer according to YouGov's survey results is Mike's Hard Lemonade Seltzer Pineapple. This flavor has a refreshingly sweet taste with a hint of tartness, making it a favorite among seltzer fans. Other popular flavors include Smirnoff Spiked Sparkling Seltzer, Blue Moon Light Sky, Corona Hard Seltzer, White Claw Hard Seltzer, Bud Light Seltzer, Truly Passion Fruit and White Claw Iced Mango. With such a wide variety of flavors available, there is something for everyone to enjoy!

Does Corona Hard Seltzer Contain Beer?

No, Corona Hard Seltzer does not contain . It is an alcoholic beverage made with a unique blend of carbonated water, alcohol from fermented sugars, natural flavors, and natural fruit juice. Unlike beer, Hard Seltzer does not contain barley or .

Exploring the Absence of Corona Seltzer

At present, there is no Corona seltzer avilable due to a legal dispute between Modelo, the maker of Corona beer, and Constellation Brands. Last year, Modelo sued Constellation for breaching their 2013 licensing agreement. According to Modelo's argument, the agreement only allowed Constellation to sell beer under the Corona name and did not include seltzer. Therefore, Constellation was allegedly infringing on Modelo's trademark by selling Corona Hard Seltzer. As a result, no seltzer is currently available under the Corona name until the legal dispute is resolved.

What Sugar Alcohol is Used in Corona Seltzer?

Corona Seltzer is made with a sugar alcohol called Erythritol, which is a naturally-occurring sugar alcohol found in fruits and vegetables. Erythritol has fewr calories than regular sugar and does not raise blood glucose levels. It also has a cooling sensation when it dissolves on the tongue, making it an ideal sweetener for drinks like Corona Seltzer.

Where to Buy Corona Hard Seltzers

You can purchase Corona Hard Seltzer Original Variety Pack Spiked Seltzer Cans at Walgreens. Walgreens offers a wide selection of refreshing and delicious spiked seltzers, making it easy to find the perfect beverage for your next gathering. The variety pack comes with 12 cans, each containing a unique blend of flavors like mango, blackberry lime, and tangerine. Not only do thee drinks provide an enjoyable taste experience, but they are also low in calories and free of gluten. So make sure to pick up your Corona Hard Seltzer Original Variety Pack from Walgreens today and enjoy the perfect blend of flavor and refreshment!

The Impact of the Seltzer Shortage

The seltzer shortage is being caused by a combination of factors. The first is the increased demand for seltzer due to its rising popularity over the last few years. Additionally, the CO2 shortage has had a major impact on the industry, as it is an essential ingredient for making sparkling beverages. The CO2 shortage can be traced back to supply issues that began near the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, coupled with an increased need for the gas across multiple industries like cannabis and vaccines. This has made it difficult for beverage makers to get their hands on enough CO2 to meet their production needs. Further compounding the issue, some companies that produce both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages have shifted production towars alcohol in order to meet skyrocketing demand in those areas. All of these factors combined have resulted in a shortage of seltzer in many parts of the world.

Improving the Taste of Corona Seltzer

If you want to make your Corona seltzer taste better, there are a few simple ingredients that you can add. Start by adding freshly squeezed lime juice and a pinch of salt to your glass. This will give your seltzer a subtle citrus flavor and salty finish. For an extra layer of flavor, try muddling some fresh mint leaves with a teaspoon of sugar and adding it to your drink. To top it off, add a few slices of fresh fruit like strawberries or oranges for an extra boost of sweetness. With thse simple ingredients, you'll have a refreshing and flavorful Corona seltzer that's sure to be a hit!

Is Seltzer a Healthy Alcoholic Beverage?

No, seltzer is not the healthiest alcohol. While it has fewer calories and sugar than other alcoholic drinks, it stil contains alcohol and should be consumed in moderation. Hard seltzer can be a good option for people looking for a lower-calorie alternative to beer or , since on average, one 12-ounce can contains around 100 calories. However, hard seltzers may contain added sugar or artificial sweeteners, which should be taken into consideration when making a decision about what kind of alcoholic beverage to consume. Additionally, some hard seltzers have been found to contain higher levels of carbohydrates than stated on the label. As with any alcoholic beverage, the safest option is always to drink in moderation and consult your healthcare provider before making any changes in your diet or .

The Health Benefits of Seltzer Compared to Water

Yes, seltzer can be a healthy alternative to water, depending on the ingredients it contains. Plain seltzer is simply carbonated water with added minerals or flavorings, so it has all the same benefits as regular water. It has no calories and no added sugars, and helps you stay hydrated just like regular water. Some seltzers also contain vitamins and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium. These can provide additional health benefits such as improved digestion, muscle function, and heart health. However, it's important to check the label for any added sugars or artificial sweeteners if you're trying to watch your sugar intake.

What Alcohol Is Used to Make Hard Seltzer?

Hard seltzers typically use a base of fermented cane sugar, which is combined with other ingredients to create the desired flavor. Other bases that can be used include malted barley, grain neutral , and wine. The alcohol content in hard seltzers ranges from 4-7% ABV. Depending on the brand, some hard seltzers may also include natural flavors or fruit juices to give them a unique taste.


Corona Seltzer is a refreshing, light and bubbly hard seltzer with a unique twist of Mexican-inspired flavors. The range of flavors offers something for everyone, including classic favorites like Lime & Prickly Pear, Mango & Lime and Tropical Lime. The low calorie and alcohol content makes it an ideal option for enjoying with friends or as an alternative to beer or wine. Best of all, it's made with natural ingredients and is avaiable in 4-packs or 8-packs so you can enjoy these delicious drinks on the go. Corona Seltzer provides the perfect balance between flavor and refreshment, making it a great option for any occasion.

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