Do you still get McEwan’s lager?

Answered by Matthew Yawn

As a sommelier and brewer, I have had the pleasure of trying many different beers throughout my career. McEwan's is one that has caught my attention in recent years. It was reintroduced in 2009 after a hiatus and has since become a popular choice among enthusiasts.

I remember the first time I tried McEwan's Lager, it was at a beer festival where they had a booth showcasing their new brew. The aroma was enticing, with hints of citrus and floral notes. As I took my first sip, I was immediately struck by the smoothness and balance of the beer. The flavors were prominent, with a touch of sweetness that was well balanced by a mild hop bitterness. It was a refreshing and enjoyable beer that left me wanting more.

Since that initial taste, I have sought out McEwan's Lager whenever I can find it. Fortunately, it is now more widely available in many liquor stores and pubs. The popularity of has certainly contributed to the resurgence of McEwan's Lager, as consumers are seeking out unique and flavorful options.

One of the reasons I appreciate McEwan's Lager is its versatility. It pairs well with a variety of foods, from pub classics like fish and chips to more exotic dishes like spicy Thai curry. The crispness and carbonation of the beer help to cleanse the palate and enhance the flavors of the food.

I should note, however, that McEwan's Lager is not as readily available as some other mainstream lagers. It may take some effort to find it in your local area. But in my opinion, it is well worth the search. The quality and craftsmanship that goes into each batch of McEwan's Lager is evident in every sip.

While McEwan's 80/- may no longer be regularly produced, McEwan's Lager has made a comeback and is now available for beer enthusiasts to enjoy. Its unique flavor profile and versatility make it a standout choice among lagers. So if you come across McEwan's Lager in your local store or pub, I highly recommend giving it a try. Cheers!