The Controversial World of Four Loko

Drink Four Company, the creator of the popular alcoholic Four Loko, has made a name for itself in the beverage industry. Based in Chicago, Illinois, this company has gained recognition for its unique blend of liquor and “natural and artificial flavors.” With its wide range of flavors, Four Loko has become a go-to choice for partygoers and social enthusiasts across the United States.

It's important to note that Four Loko is not banned or illegal. In fact, it is widely available in 49 states across the country. This availability speaks to the popularity and demand for this unique beverage. To find out if Four Loko is available in your area, you can visit the product locator page on the company's website.

One of the key elements that set Four Loko apart from other alcoholic beverages is its previous inclusion of caffeine. However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) raised concerns about the combination of stimulants, such as caffeine, taurine, and guarana, with . These stimulants are commonly found in energy drinks like Red Bull, Monster, and Rockstar. In response to the FDA's concerns, Drink Four Brewing Company made the decision to remove caffeine from its recipe.

While the exact ingredients of Four Loko are not disclosed, the blend of malt liquor and natural and artificial flavors creates a unique taste experience. Flavors range from classic lemonade to intriguing options like “Gold.” Each flavor offers a distinct profile that adds to the appeal of Four Loko.

What makes Four Loko stand out is not just its taste, but also its association with socializing and having a good time. This beverage has become synonymous with parties, gatherings, and social events. It has gained a loyal following of individuals who enjoy the energetic and sociable atmosphere that comes with drinking Four Loko.

Drink Four Brewing Company has made a name for itself in the beverage industry with its popular line of alcoholic beverages, including the well-known Four Loko. While the brand has faced scrutiny in the past due to the inclusion of stimulants like caffeine, it has adapted to meet FDA regulations and continues to offer a unique blend of malt liquor and natural and artificial flavors. Whether you're a fan of classic flavors or looking to try something new, Four Loko has a flavor to suit your preferences. So, grab a can and join in on the social fun that comes with enjoying a Four Loko.

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Who Owns Drink Four Brewing Company?

As far as I know, Phusion Projects is the company that owns Drink Four Brewing Company, which produces the Four Loko line of alcoholic beverages. I first came across Four Loko a few years ago when I was attending a college party. It was a popular choice among many of my friends, as it offered a potent mix of alcohol and caffeine. However, I later learned that the company had to change its recipe due to concerns about the combination of alcohol and caffeine.

Phusion Projects, the owner of Drink Four Brewing Company, is based in Chicago, Illinois. The company gained significant attention and controversy when it first introduced Four Loko, as it was marketed as a high-alcohol . The original formula contained both alcohol and caffeine, which raised concerns about the potential health risks associated with consuming the two together.

Due to these concerns and pressure from regulatory authorities, Phusion Projects made the decision to remove caffeine from the Four Loko recipe. This change was made to comply with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations, which prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages that contain added caffeine.

While the removal of caffeine from Four Loko may have disappointed some fans of the original product, it was a necessary step for Phusion Projects to continue operating legally. Despite this change, Four Loko still remains a popular alcoholic beverage choice, known for its high alcohol content and wide variety of flavors.

Phusion Projects has faced its fair share of criticism and legal issues over the years. In 2013, the company reached a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over allegations of deceptive marketing. The settlement required Phusion Projects to make changes to its marketing practices and refrain from promoting the consumption of Four Loko in excessive quantities.

Phusion Projects is the owner of Drink Four Brewing Company, the company behind the Four Loko line of alcoholic beverages. While the original formula included caffeine, it was removed due to regulatory concerns. Despite its controversies, Four Loko continues to be a popular choice among consumers looking for a high-alcohol beverage option.

What Kind Of Alcohol Is In Four Loko?

I remember the first time I tried Four Loko, I was curious about what kind of alcohol was in it. After doing some research, I found out that Four Loko is a blend of malt liquor and “natural and artificial flavors.” This combination gives it its unique taste and character.

Malt liquor is a type of that has a higher alcohol content compared to regular beer. It is typically made from malted barley and has a strong, robust flavor. When combined with the natural and artificial flavors in Four Loko, it creates a distinctive taste experience.

The specific ingredients used in Four Loko are not disclosed in detail, so it's difficult to pinpoint the exact components of the drink. However, the range of flavors available suggests that different ingredients may be used to create the various variations of Four Loko.

One of the classic flavors of Four Loko is lemonade, which provides a refreshing and tangy taste. I remember enjoying this flavor during a summer party, as it was a perfect choice to beat the heat and have a good time with friends.

Another intriguing flavor of Four Loko is “Gold.” I have to admit, I was initially unsure about what exactly “Gold” meant, but I decided to give it a try. To my surprise, it had a unique and enticing flavor that I couldn't quite put my finger on. It was different from the usual lemonade version, but equally enjoyable.

Four Loko's blend of malt liquor and natural and artificial flavors offers a diverse range of taste experiences. Whether you prefer the classic lemonade or want to venture into the unknown with flavors like “Gold,” Four Loko provides an interesting choice for those looking for something beyond traditional beer or .

Four Loko is a malt liquor-based drink that combines natural and artificial flavors to create its distinct taste. While the exact ingredients are not explicitly disclosed, the different flavors available showcase the variety and uniqueness of this beverage. So, if you're up for trying something different and adventurous, grab a can of Four Loko and embark on a flavorful journey.


Drink Four Brewing Company, the maker of Four Loko beverages, has faced regulatory scrutiny in the past due to the inclusion of stimulants like caffeine, taurine, and guarana in their products. The FDA raised concerns about the combination of these stimulants with alcohol, leading to a change in Four Loko's recipe. Currently, Four Loko is made from a blend of malt liquor and “natural and artificial flavors.” Despite the controversy, Four Loko remains legal and available in 49 US states. The specific ingredients used in the drink are not disclosed in detail, but the range of flavors offered by the company is diverse, catering to various consumer preferences. Drink Four Brewing Company continues to operate and provide its unique line of alcoholic beverages to consumers across the country.

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