Taste the Crisp & Juicy Flavor of Golden State Cider!

Welcome to Golden State , a refreshing and delicious cider crafted from apples grown on a family-owned dry farmed, heirloom orchard in Sebastopol, California. Founded in 2012, this craft cider house has been producing some of the most beloved and popular ciders in California ever since.

To craft their ciders, Golden State Cider only uses apples that are freshly cut and pressed at their orchard. This ensures that the flavor of the apples is captured perfectly in each sip. The result is a bright and crisp profile with an overall dryness that's sure to please even the most discerning palate.

One of Golden State Cider's most popular offerings is their Apple Cider that has 6.3% ABV. You'll be met with juicy fresh apple aromatics as soon as you open the bottle and you'll find that this cider is perfect for any occasion – from summer barbecues to winter parties. To make the experience even more special, Golden State Cider adds fresh pressed apple back into the mix to give it a natural and rounded juiciness.

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So go ahead and grab yourself some Golden State Cider today – you won't be disappointed!

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Alcohol Content of Golden State Cider

Golden State cider has an content of 6.3% ABV (alcohol by volume). It is a medium-bodied cider that has a bright, crisp flavor and is made from freshly cut apples. The aromatics of the apple balance perfectly with the cider's alcohol content, giving it a delicious, refreshing taste.

What is the Taste of Golden State Cider?

Golden State cider has a crisp, refreshing taste with notes of freshly cut apple and juicy sweetness. Its light-bodied yet full-flavored profile is balanced with acidity and a dry finish. The apples used to make this cider are handpicked during the peak of ripeness and freshly pressed to ensure the highest quality flavor. The result is a smooth, refreshing drinking experience that's perfect for any occasion.

Origin of Golden State Cider

Golden State Cider is located in Sebastopol, California, on the grounds of the Devoto Orchards. Founded in 2012, Golden State Cider's mission is to bring the finest quality ciders made from dry farmed, heirloom apples to ther customers. The apples are grown and harvested on Devoto Orchards and then turned into delicious cider in the Golden State Cider tasting room. From there, the ciders can be found at local farmers markets or at their tasting room located in Sebastopol.

Amount of Sugar in Golden State Cider

A Golden State Cider contains 9g of sugar per 16oz serving. All of this sugar is added sugar, meaning it is not naturally occurring in the cider. Because this is an alcoholic , it also contains 7g of alcohol per serving, which contributes to its calorie count of 200 per serving. Therefore, if you are mindful of your sugar intake, it might be best to exercise moderation with Golden State Cider.

Is Cider a Chinese Brand?

Yes, Cider is a Chinese brand. It is based in China and all of its products are designed, produced and shipped from there. The company is part of the “real time retail” movement, which allows them to quickly conceive, design and produce thir clothes within three to seven days. By cutting out the middleman and sourcing directly from factories in China they're able to offer customers high quality items at affordable prices.

The Popularity of Cider in America

Angry Orchard is the most popular cider in America. In 2021, it was the leading brand of cider in the United States, with retail sales exceeding 202 million U.S. dollars. Its success is owed to its range of flavors, which include traditional styles like Crisp Apple and , as well as more experimental varieties like Cranberry Apple and Elderflower. The brand also offers a variety of seasonal ciders, such as Stone Dry and Hop'n Mad Apple. Other popular American cider brands include Bold Rock, 2 Towns, and Ace. Bold Rock specializes in craft ciders made from local apples and offers unique flavors such as Pineapple, Grapefruit & Habanero, and Limón de Jamaica. 2 Towns focuses on Pacific Northwest-style ciders that are naturally gluten-free and made with real fruits like apricot or pomegranate. Finally, Ace produces California-style ciders with a range of original flavors including Blackjack 21 and Joker Dry Hopped Cider.


Golden State Cider is a great option for those looking for a delicious, fresh tasting cider. With its bright and crisp profile, it is sure to plese any crowd. With its added freshly pressed apple juice and dry farmed heirloom apples, it offers an overall rounded juiciness that is unique to Golden State Cider. Additionally, with its low calories and no added sugars, it is a healthier alternative than many other ciders on the market. It is the perfect choice for all occasions, making it the ideal addition to any gathering.

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