The Refreshing Taste of Gulder Beer

Gulder is a popular and highly regarded brand in Nigeria, known for its unique and refreshing taste. Produced by Nigerian Breweries Plc, the pioneer and largest company in the country, Gulder is made using only the finest ingredients to ensure a high-quality drinking experience.

One of the key factors that sets Gulder apart is its extra maturation process. The beer is aged for an extended period, allowing it to develop a rich and distinct flavor profile. This extra time spent in the brewing process gives Gulder a crisp and refreshing taste that is loved by beer enthusiasts.

The ingredients used in making Gulder beer are carefully selected to ensure the highest standards of quality. Premium barley is used as the base ingredient, providing the beer with a solid foundation. The finest are then added to impart a and aromatic flavor, balancing out the sweetness of the barley. Additionally, the used in brewing Gulder is sourced from the purest sources, further enhancing the overall quality of the beer.

Gulder beer's distinctive taste has made it a favorite among beer drinkers in Nigeria. Its refreshingly bitter flavor is complemented by a smooth and crisp finish, making it a perfect choice for those looking for a high-quality beer to enjoy.

Nigerian Breweries Plc, the company behind Gulder, has a long history of producing exceptional beverages. Founded in 1946, the company has been at the forefront of the brewing industry in Nigeria, introducing iconic brands like STAR beer. With its commitment to quality and innovation, Nigerian Breweries Plc continues to be a leading player in the Nigerian market.

Gulder beer is not only popular in Nigeria but also in other African countries. It is produced and distributed by Guinness Ghana Breweries Ltd, a subsidiary of Diageo and Heineken International. This partnership ensures that Gulder beer reaches a wider audience, allowing more people to experience its exceptional taste.

Gulder beer is a high-quality and extra matured beer that offers a refreshing and distinctive taste. Made from premium barley, the finest hops, and pure water, Gulder is a testament to the commitment of Nigerian Breweries Plc to produce exceptional beverages. Whether enjoyed in Nigeria or other African countries, Gulder is a brand that beer enthusiasts can rely on to provide a truly enjoyable drinking experience.

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What Type Of Beer Is Gulder?

Gulder is a type of beer that can be classified as an extra matured, high-quality brew. It is crafted using premium barley, which is a key ingredient that contributes to its superior taste. Additionally, only the finest hops are selected to enhance the flavor profile of Gulder. The use of these high-quality ingredients ensures that the beer has a distinct and refreshingly bitter taste.

To further highlight the commitment to quality, Gulder is made with all-natural ingredients. This means that there are no artificial additives or preservatives added during the brewing process. The result is a beer that is not only delicious but also pure and authentic.

One of the factors that sets Gulder apart is its crispness. This characteristic is achieved by using the purest of water in the brewing process. The water used in making Gulder undergoes rigorous filtration and purification to ensure its quality and taste.

Gulder is an extra matured, high-quality beer that is made from premium barley, the finest of hops, and the purest of water. Its all-natural ingredients and crisp, distinctive, and refreshingly bitter taste make Gulder a top choice for beer enthusiasts.

Who Owns Gulder Beer?

Gulder beer is owned by Nigerian Breweries Plc, which is a member of the HEINEKEN Group. Nigerian Breweries Plc is the pioneer and largest brewing company in Nigeria. It was incorporated in 1946 under the name “Nigerian Brewery Limited.” In June 1949, the company achieved a significant milestone when it produced the first bottle of STAR Lager beer from its bottling line in Lagos. Nigerian Breweries Plc has since grown to become a leading player in the Nigerian beer market, with a diverse portfolio of brands including Gulder beer.


Gulder Lager is a premium beer that stands out for its exceptional quality and distinct taste. Made from the finest ingredients including premium barley, the finest hops, and pure water, Gulder offers a refreshingly bitter and crisp flavor that is truly one-of-a-kind.

As one of the flagship brands of Nigerian Breweries Plc, the largest brewing company in Nigeria, Gulder has a rich history and is highly regarded among beer enthusiasts. With its extra maturation process, Gulder is able to deliver a unique and satisfying drinking experience.

Not only does Gulder boast a superior taste, but it is also a product of a company that prioritizes excellence and innovation. Nigerian Breweries Plc, a member of the HEINEKEN Group, has been at the forefront of the brewing industry in Nigeria since its inception in 1946. Their commitment to using all-natural ingredients and maintaining strict quality standards is evident in every bottle of Gulder.

Furthermore, Gulder is not limited to Nigeria alone, as it is also distributed by Guinness Ghana Breweries Ltd, the leading alcohol company in Ghana. This further speaks to the popularity and widespread recognition of Gulder as a top-quality beer brand.

Whether you are a seasoned beer connoisseur or simply looking for a high-quality brew to enjoy with friends, Gulder is a beer that delivers on its promise of exceptional taste and quality. Its refreshing and distinctive bitterness makes it a standout choice among beer lovers. So, sit back, relax, and raise a glass of Gulder Lager to indulge in a truly satisfying drinking experience.

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