The Unique Taste of Harahorn Gin in Grimstad, Norway!

If you're looking for a unique gin experience, then look no further than Harahorn Gin. Hailing from Grimstad, Norway, Harahorn Gin is produced by Det Norske Brenneri (The Norwegian Distillery). With a juniper-forward nose and subtle fruity and berry notes on the palate, Harahorn Gin is the perfect addition to any bar.

Harahorn's name is inspired by a mythical creature of Scandinavian folklore, as well as a mountain nearby Grimstad. Upon tasting this gin, you can't help but be drawn in by its unique flavor profile. The juniper is prominent on the nose with hints of other fruit and berry notes coming through on the palate. While it makes an excellent Martini gin, it also stands up well when used in other – allowing those fruit and berry notes to shine through before the juniper comes through.

At Det Norske Brenneri, they take great pride in crafting products that are of exceptional quality and taste. They use only locally sourced ingredients to create their gins, ensuring that each bottle exudes a sense of place. Their commitment to creating high-quality products has made them one of the most sought-after distilleries in Norway today.

So if you're looking for somthing special to add to your home bar or cocktail party – look no further than Harahorn Gin from Det Norske Brenneri! You won't regret it!

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The Origin of Harahorn Gin

Harahorn Gin is made in Grimstad, Norway by Det Norske Brenneri (The Norwegian Distillery). This small-batch gin is crafted from locally-source botanicals and is named after a mountain and mythical creature from the area. It has a unique flavor profile that is sure to tantalize your taste buds. The distillery takes great pride in its process for producing high-quality and ensures that each batch of Harahorn Gin is made with the same attention to detail.

Serving Harahorn Gin

Harahorn Gin can be served in a variety of ways. It is best used as a style gin behind the bar, and can be used to make a delicious Martini. When used in cocktails, the juniper heart of the gin will come through but not before thoe fruit and berry notes do. To serve Harahorn Gin, it should be poured into a chilled glass over ice or neat. To make a Martini, mix 1 oz of Harahorn Gin with 1 oz dry and stir with ice for at least 30 seconds before straining into a chilled Martini glass. For other cocktails such as a Gimlet or , use Harahorn Gin as your base spirit and combine it with other cocktail ingredients to create refreshing and flavorful drinks.

Who is the Owner of Harahorn Gin?

Harahorn Gin is owned by the Det Norske Brenneri, a family-run business founded in 2005. The company is owned by the Puntervold/Agder Brenneri family, whose members have been producing high quality spirits for generations. The company is based in Norway and currently produces a range of different gins and other spirits, including the Harahorn Gin.

Drinking Gin Liqueur Straight: Is It Safe?

Gin can be enjoyed straight if you prefer a lighter, sweeter drink. With an ABV of around 20% compared to the usual 37.5%, this type of gin is considerably lower in . If you do choose to enjoy it straight, be sure to pour over ice and savor the smooth, sweet taste. Alternatively, gin liqueur can also be mixed with or wine for a refreshing summertime drink.


Harahorn Gin is a unique, contemporary-style gin made in Grimstad, Norway by Det Norske Brenneri. Its primary aroma of juniper is complemented by delicious notes of fruit and berry, making it an ideal Martini gin. With its unique taste and mythical namesake, Harahorn Gin is sure to be a hit at any bar near you. Whether enjoyed neat or mixed into a cocktail, this gin is sure to provide an unforgettable experience that you won't soon forget.

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