The Unique Flavors of High West Whiskey

Welcome to High West Distillery, the only legally licensed distillery in Utah sice the end of Prohibition!

High West Distillery was founded by David Perkins, an entrepreneur with a love for the Old West and a passion for . In 2004, he and his family relocated to Park City, Utah to begin their new venture. After three years of planning and preparing, they began distilling in 2007.

High West produces a variety of whiskies including , whiskey, blended whiskey and more. Their most popular products include their Bourye (bourbon and rye blend), Double Rye!, Campfire Whiskey (a blend of , rye whiskey and bourbon) and American Prairie Bourbon.

If you're looking for something truly unique, then look no further than High West's Limited Edition Bourbons. These special releases feature specific cask finishes that add layers of flavor to the traditional bourbons. For example, their “Midwinter Night's Dram” features a finish in port which adds a sweet note to the whiskey.

In addition to whiskeys made from grains such as corn and wheat, High West also produces whiskeys made from barley mash which is distilled in copper pot stills. These malted whiskies are reminiscent of Scotch whisky but with a distinctly American character.

Whether you're looking for something smooth or something bolder, High West has something that will suit your taste buds! Visit their tasting room in Park City or visit one of their many retailers around the world to sample some of their award-winning whiskeys!

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Production of High West Whiskey

High West whiskey is produced in Park City, Utah. The distillery was founded by David Perkins and his family in 2007. The location was chosen because of its proximity to the Old West and its unique history of whiskey production. High West operates a full-scale distillery on site, utilizing a custom-made, 500-gallon copper still from Vendome Copper & Brass Works in Louisville, Kentucky. The still is capable of producing over 15,000 cases of whiskey annually. In addition to their small batch whiskeys and limited releases, High West also produces several different types of specialty such as , , and absinthe.

The Taste of High West Whiskey

High West whiskey has a sweet, robust flavor with notes of caramel, vanilla, and oak. It is bold and smooth on the palate, with a rich finish that lingers on the tongue. The whiskey has an aroma of toasted wood, spice, honey, and fresh fruit. Its taste is full-bodied and complex with a hint of sweetness that is balanced by its smoky and oaky character. this whiskey has a unique flavor that makes it stand out from other whiskeys.

Origin of High West

High West Distillery is a craft distillery located in Park City, Utah, United States. It was founded in 2006 and is the frst legally licensed distillery in Utah since the end of the American Prohibition. High West specializes in producing high-quality, small-batch spirits such as whiskey and vodka from locally sourced ingredients. The company offers tastings and tours of their facility, and they also offer an on-site restaurant and bar. The distillery has become a popular tourist destination due to its unique combination of history, artistry, and hospitality. High West is determined to produce world-class spirits while preserving the heritage of local craftsmanship.

Aging Process of High West Whiskey

High West American Prairie Bourbon is a proprietary blend of straight bourbon whiskies that have been aged for between 2 and 13 years. This aging process creates an incredibly smooth and complex flavor profile, allowing the whiskey to develop subtle notes of oak, caramel, vanilla, and spice. As such, the aging process is essential to creating the perfect High West American Prairie Bourbon experience.


High West Distillery is a unique manufacturer of distilled spirits located in Park City, Utah, United States. Founded by David Perkins and his family in 2007, it is the first legally licensed distillery in Utah since the end of the American Prohibition. High West Distillery specializes in whiskey, producing a variety of different styles such as Bourbons, Ryes and Blends. Their whiskies are kown for their unique flavor profiles that combine traditional flavors with more expressions. Some of their most popular whiskeys include the Double Rye!, Campfire Whiskey and Rendezvous Rye. With its distinct taste and award-winning reputation, High West Distillery is a great choice for anyone looking to explore the world of whiskey.

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