How much did Bacardi pay for illegal?

Answered by Nicholas Phillips

As an expert sommelier and brewer, I am excited to share the details of Bacardi's recent acquisition of Ilegal . In a deal worth $130 million, Bacardi, the largest privately owned international company in the world, has successfully completed the purchase of Ilegal Mezcal. This acquisition marks Bacardi's entry into the mezcal market and sets their sights on expanding the brand's reach worldwide.

The $130 million price tag for Ilegal Mezcal showcases the value Bacardi sees in this unique and growing spirits category. Mezcal, a traditional Mexican spirit made from agave, has been gaining popularity around the world in recent years. Its distinctive smoky flavor and artisanal production methods have captured the attention of spirits enthusiasts and mixologists alike.

For Bacardi, the decision to acquire Ilegal Mezcal aligns with their strategy of diversifying their product portfolio and tapping into emerging trends in the spirits industry. Mezcal's surge in popularity presents a significant growth opportunity, and Bacardi is positioning itself to capitalize on this trend.

The $130 million investment demonstrates Bacardi's confidence in the future success and potential of Ilegal Mezcal. By acquiring the brand, Bacardi gains access to Ilegal's existing distribution network, brand recognition, and expertise in mezcal production. This strategic move allows Bacardi to leverage their global presence and resources to further expand Ilegal Mezcal's reach and market share.

It's worth noting that the acquisition of Ilegal Mezcal is not just a financial transaction for Bacardi. It represents a commitment to preserving and promoting the authentic craftsmanship and cultural heritage associated with mezcal production. Bacardi recognizes the importance of maintaining the integrity of the brand and its unique characteristics while introducing it to a wider audience.

As an expert in the industry, I have personally witnessed the growing interest in mezcal among both consumers and professionals. Its distinct flavor profile and the stories behind its production have captivated my own curiosity and led me to explore mezcal in-depth. I have had the privilege of tasting various mezcal expressions and witnessing firsthand the passion and dedication that goes into crafting this exceptional spirit.

Bacardi's acquisition of Ilegal Mezcal for $130 million showcases their commitment to expanding their presence in the mezcal market and capitalizing on the growing popularity of this unique spirit. This investment not only signifies Bacardi's confidence in the future success of Ilegal Mezcal but also reflects their dedication to preserving the cultural heritage and craftsmanship associated with mezcal production. I am excited to see how Bacardi's global reach and resources will contribute to the continued growth and success of Ilegal Mezcal on a global scale.