A Tribute to Tuthilltown’s Pioneering Hudson Rye Whiskey

Hudson is a unique and special whiskey that has its roots in the American craft whiskey movement. Produced by Tuthilltown , the first distillery to open in New York State since Prohibition, Hudson Rye Whiskey is a rye-grain whiskey made from at least 51% rye grain, aged in new, charred oak containers.

Hudson Rye was created as an homage to the traditional American rye whiskeys of days gone by. It features a slightly sweet aroma and flavor, with hints of spice, caramel, and toasted oak. The taste is bold yet smooth, with a long finish and a lingering warmth on the palate. The used for aging are small in size but big on flavor–the perfect size for aging rye whiskeys.

The folks at Tuthilltown Spirits wanted to create smething special with their Hudson Rye Whiskey and they have certainly achieved that goal. Not only have they managed to produce an excellent whiskey but they have also defied convention by creating something truly unique. By taking risks and pushing boundaries, Tuthilltown has set a new standard for craft distilleries everywhere and shown that you don't have to follow the rules to make great whiskey.

If you're looking for something special that celebrates tradition while also embracing innovation then look no furthr than Hudson Rye Whiskey from Tuthilltown Spirits. This unique spirit is sure to please even the most discerning of whiskey connoisseurs!

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Who is the Producer of Hudson Whiskey?

Hudson Whiskey is made by the renowned Tuthilltown Spirits distillery, which opened in 2003 and was the first distillery to operate in New York State snce Prohibition. Located in Gardiner, New York, the small-batch craft spirit company has been producing award-winning whiskeys as well as gins and vodkas since its inception. Hudson Whiskey is made using a unique blend of grains including corn, rye and malted barley that are mashed, fermented and distilled on-site before being aged in charred American oak barrels. The result is a distinctive whiskey with notes of fruit, spice and caramel.

Who is the Owner of Hudson Distillery?

Hudson Distillery is currently owned by Tuthilltown Spirits LLC, a company founded in 2003 by Ralph Erenzo and Brian Lee. The distillery was originally founded in Gardiner, New York and is now located in the town of Accord, New York. The distillery produces an extensive range of whiskies, gins and vodkas usig locally sourced grains and fruits. In addition to their spirits, Hudson also produces liqueurs and other special releases. Tuthilltown is now part of the William Grant & Sons family, having been purchased by the drinks giant in 2010. Today they continue to produce award-winning craft spirits with a commitment to quality and sustainability.


Hudson Rye was a pioneering whiskey brand from Tuthilltown Spirits, the first distillery in New York State to operate since Prohibition. Hudson Rye was made with at least 51% rye, aged in new, charred oak containers, and bottled for a smooth flavor. Its mash bill of 51% rye grain and other grains created a full-bodied whiskey with notes of spice and caramel. This award-winning whiskey was enjoyed by many as an original craft spirit unil it was discontinued in 2019. The legacy of Hudson Rye will live on, however, as its production has inspired other craft distilleries to make their own unique spins on this classic American rye whiskey.

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