Is Citra hops bittering or aroma?

Answered by Bill Hernandez

Citra can be classified as an “aroma hop” due to their strong and distinctive aroma profile. However, it is important to note that Citra hops can also be utilized as a bittering hop, especially considering its alpha acid content of 11% – 13%. This versatility makes Citra hops a popular choice among brewers looking to create a well-rounded with both aromatic and qualities.

One of the key factors that makes Citra hops suitable for bittering is its relatively low cohumulone content, which ranges from 22% – 24% of alpha acids. Cohumulone is a component of hops that contributes to the perceived bitterness in beer. Hops with lower cohumulone levels tend to provide a smoother bitterness, making them desirable for bittering purposes.

In terms of cultivation, Citra hops typically mature in the middle of the growing season. This timing can be advantageous for brewers who want to incorporate the flavors and aromas of Citra hops into their beer while still allowing ample time for other hop varieties to mature for a well-balanced brew.

When it comes to disease resistance, Citra hops demonstrate moderate resistance to downy and powdery mildew. This resistance can be beneficial for growers, as it helps to ensure a healthy crop and a consistent supply of Citra hops in the market.

As a sommelier and brewer, I have had the pleasure of working with Citra hops in various beer recipes. The aroma that Citra hops impart is truly unique and captivating. It is often described as having intense tropical fruit and citrus notes, with hints of grapefruit, lime, passionfruit, and mango. The aroma alone can make a beer brewed with Citra hops incredibly enticing to beer enthusiasts.

In terms of bitterness, I have found that Citra hops can provide a pleasant and balanced bitterness when used as a bittering hop in . The lower cohumulone content helps to prevent any harsh or astringent bitterness, allowing the other flavors and aromas of the beer to shine through.

To summarize, Citra hops can be considered both an aroma hop and a bittering hop. Its high alpha acid content makes it suitable for bittering, while its unique and intense aroma profile sets it apart as an exceptional aroma hop. Whether used for bittering or aroma, Citra hops add a distinct and delightful character to beer, making them a prized ingredient among brewers.