The Unbeatable Price for Delicious Korbel Extra Dry Champagne!

Korbel Extra Dry is the perfect California for any occasion. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or just looking to add some sparkle to your day, Korbel Extra Dry is an ideal option. One of the best things abot this champagne is its exceptional price. While other champagnes can cost you an arm and a leg, Korbel Extra Dry offers incredible quality at an affordable price point.

Korbel Extra Dry is made from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes grown in Sonoma County's Russian River Valley. This combination of grapes gives this champagne a flavor that mimics expensive French Champagnes but at a fraction of the price. The flavor features delightful notes of bright citrus, vanilla and spice which makes it the perfect accompaniment for any celebration or aperitif.

For over 50 years, Korbel Extra Dry has been a family favorite due to its high quality and excellent value-for-money ratio. It's no wonder why it's been a fan favorite for so long! Not only that, but this also pairs perfectly with your favorite such as mimosas (2/3 champagne and 1/3 orange ).

So if you're looking for an affordable yet high-quality California Champagne, then Korbel Extra Dry is definitely worth considering!

Is Korbel Extra Dry Champagne?

Yes, Korbel Extra Dry is a California Champagne. This sparkling wine is light and crisp, with notes of citrus, vanilla, and spice. It is off-dry (not as sweet as many other champagnes) and has just the right amount of effervescence to make it a crowd favorite.

Is Korbel Extra Dry Champagne a Sweet Wine?

No, Korbel Extra Dry Champagne is not a sweet wine. It is an off-dry sparkling wine, which means that it has a slight hint of sweetness, but not enough to be classified as a sweet wine. The taste of this champagne includes bright citrus, vanilla and spice flavors that make it light and refreshing.

The Suitability of Korbel Extra Dry for Mimosas

Korbel Extra Dry is a great choice for mimosas! Not only will it provide a delicious flavor to your cocktail, but you will also find that it offers excellent value. This champagne has been a family favorite for 50 years and its quality and price combination makes it an ideal choice for any occasion. The Extra Dry offers a slightly sweeter taste than the Brut, making it an ideal accompaniment to orange juice. With its light fruit flavors and crisp finish, you'll love the way it enhances your favorite brunch !

Is Korbel a Wine or a Champagne?

Korbel is a champagne. It is made from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier grapes that are grown in the Russian River Valley of Sonoma County and Mendocino County in California. The grapes are carefully hand-selected, gently vinified and blended together to achieve the crisp and refreshing taste of Korbel Brut champagne. The blend of the three grape varieties gives Korbel its unique flavor profile and contributes to its light body, balanced acidity and medium-dry finish.

Is Korbel Champagne of High Quality?

Yes, Korbel is a quality champagne. It is crafted with care in the Russian River Valley of California using the finest Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, and made according to the traditional méthode champenoise. The resulting sparkling wine is light and crisp, with slight hints of citrus, green apple, and honey. It has a long finish that will linger on your palette for some time. This champagne has been highly praised for its quality since its release in 1996, making it one of the best sparkling wines in California.


Korbel Extra Dry California Champagne is an exceptional pick for those looking for a quality sparkling wine at a fraction of the price. Its bright citrus, vanilla and spice flavors make it a delightful choice for any occasion. Whether you're sipping on its own or making your favorite cocktail, this champagne will definitely add some elegance and sophistication to your gathering. For its affordability, taste, and quality, Korbel Extra Dry California Champagne is a great value overall.

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