A Refreshing Review of the Finnish Long Drink – 8.5% ABV!

Long Drink, a refreshingly tart and bubbly originating from Finland, is quickly becoming one of the most popular drinks in bars and restaurants around the world. Developed by The Long Drink Company, these drinks have been carefully crafted to povide an enjoyable experience for drinkers looking for something unique and different.

The most popular version is the Finnish Long Drink which has a white grapefruit nose that isn't as literal as San Pelligrino's Pomplemo but instead provides a much fresher taste. On the palate, this unique drink offers a white grapefruit taste that is tart but not overly sweet. The original version has 5.5% ABV, but the new 8.5% ABV version provides a much stronger kick that can be appreciated by even the most discerning of drinkers.

Finnish Long Drink has become known as ‘lonkero' in Finland due to its popularity. It is served both in bars and restaurants, as well as in stores so that it can be enjoyed at home or on-the-go. It is usually made with and a mixer such as grapefruit soda but many other flavors are available – making it an incredibly versatile drink perfect for any occasion or mood.

Whether you're looking for something special to enjoy on your own or something to share with friends, Finnish Long Drink is sure to hit the spot. Offering a unique blend of tartness and bubbliness this drink will keep you refreshed throughout summer days or simply provide a pleasant evening treat!

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What Is the Taste of The Long Drink?

The Long Drink from The Long Drink Company has a refreshing white grapefruit aroma that is reminiscent of a classic soda, but stll unique. On the palate, it has a light and crisp taste with a pleasing tartness. The initial flavor is of white grapefruit soda, followed by subtle notes of citrus and juniper. It is highly effervescent and finishes on a semi-sweet note for a well-balanced flavor profile with just the right amount of zing.

The Strength of a Long Drink

A long drink is a cocktail that typically contains a base spirit such as gin or mixed with a flavored soda, , or oher mixer. The strength of a long drink depends on the ingredients used and the amount of each ingredient used. Generally speaking, a long drink can range anywhere between 5-15% by Volume (ABV). A traditional Gin & Tonic, for example, is usually about 5-6% ABV. However, for stronger drinks such as Vodka Cranberry, the ABV may be higher at 8-10%.

Types of Alcohol Used in Long Drinks

A long drink is an alcoholic beverage made from gin and a mixer. The most popular mixer used for a long drink is grapefruit soda, but there are many other flavours of mixers available such as orange, cranberry, passion fruit and more. The alcohol content of the drink can vary depending on the amount of gin used in the recipe. Generally, a long drink has an alcohol content between 3% and 7%.

The Origin of the Name ‘Long Drink'

The Long Drink, or lonkero as it is known in Finland, is a refreshing cocktail traditionally made from gin and grapefruit juice. The name “Long Drink” was first coined in 1952 by the Finnish alcoholic beverage company Hartwall. The name comes from the fact that this drink has a much longer preparation time compared to other and drinks, since it requires mixing gin with carbonated grapefruit soda. As such, the drink takes longer to make than regular cocktails and thus earned its nickname. Furthermore, this refreshing cocktail has become a staple of Finnish culture and is enjoyed not just for its delicious taste but also for its long-lasting effects. In fact, the drink has earned itelf the nickname of “the national cocktail of Finland”!


In conclusion, The Long Drink from The Long Drink Company is a delightful and refreshing cocktail that is not too sweet. It has a pleasant white grapefruit nose and tartness on the palate. It is 8.5% ABV, stronger than the original version of 5.5%, but still smooth sailing from the first sip. This drink is perfect for those looking for something new and different, yet still refreshing and light enough to enjoy at any time.

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