The Rich Flavor of Old Chub Scotch Ale

Old Chub is a unique and flavorful that has been brewed since 2002 by Oskar Blues Brewery. This beer is a Scottish strong ale that is made with an abundant amount of malted barley and specialty grains, along with a touch of beechwood-smoked . This dark amber colored beer has an ABV of 8% and 30 IBUs. It's malty and slightly sweet, with hints of caramel and toffee.

The flavor profile of Old Chub Scotch Ale is complex yet balanced. The malts provide a sweet, robust flavor that finishes smooth, whie the beechwood-smoked malt adds notes of smokiness. The hop bitterness is low compared to other styles, making this beer incredibly smooth and easy to drink.

Old Chub Scotch Ale pairs well with sharp cheese like cheddar, as well as dishes like roast beef or steak. It's also perfect for sipping by the fire on a cold night or just enjoying on its own without food!

If you're looking for an interesting and flavorful beer, Old Chub Scotch Ale should definitely be at the top of your list! Its unique flavor profile makes it stand out from other beers in its category. Plus, it's easy to find in most liquor stores so you can enjoy this bold beer anytime you want!

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ABV of Old Chub Scotch Ale

Old Chub Scotch Ale has an by Volume (ABV) of 8%. This strong ale has a higher ABV than most beers, making it a favorite among beer connoisseurs. It is brewed with a generous amount of malted barley and specialty grains, as well as a dash of beechwood-smoked malt, which gives it a unique smoky flavor. With 30 International Bittering Units (IBUs), Old Chub has an impressive level of bitterness.

What is Scotch Ale Beer?

Scotch Ale is a type of beer that originates from Scotland. It is a deep, caramel-colored ale with a sweet maltiness and low bitterness. The malt profile usually consists of pale malts backed up by darker malts, giving it a complex flavor. It is often likened to an English Barleywine in terms of its strength and body. The fermentation process uses ale , which gives it a distinct flavor and aroma. Scotch Ale has become popular among craft brewers due to its unique flavor profile, making it one of the most sought-after styles of beer.

Calorie Count of Old Chub Scotch Ale

Old Chub Scotch Ale by Oskar Blues Brewery contains 240 calories per 12 fl oz serving. It is a robust, full-bodied beer with a rich malt flavor and hints of smoked peat and roasted barley. The ale also has an 8% ABV making it stronger than similar beers.

Is Scotch Ale a Strong Ale?

Scotch Ale is a strong ale. It usually ranges from 6 percent to 10 percent ABV (alcohol by volume). The higher the ABV, the stronger the beer is. Scotch Ale is also known for its rich malt flavors and aromas, as well as its dark copper color. It has a full-bodied flavor and a slightly sweet finish.

The Taste of Scottish Ale

Scottish Ale is a malt-forward beer style characterized by its smooth and chewy mouthfeel. It has a sweet caramel flavor derived from the use of caramel malts, and may also feature a subtle smoky peat flavor. are used sparingly in Scottish Ales, allowing the malt flavors to shine through. The body is medium-bodied, with a low to moderate alcohol content. Scottish Ale has a sweet and malty profile with notes of caramel and sometimes smoke.


Old Chub Scotch Ale is a unique and flavorful beer crafted by Oskar Blues Brewery. At 8% ABV, it is a strong ale that strays far from convention, brewed with an abundance of malted barley and specialty grains, along with a hint of beechwood-smoked malt. It has a rich malt sweetness, is low in bitterness, and has a caramel-colored hue. If you are looking for an interesting and full-bodied ale with a unique flavor profile, then Old Chub Scotch Ale is definitely worth considering.

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