Taste the Northwest With Deschutes Brewery’s Mirror Pond Pale Ale

Mirror Pond Pale from Deschutes Brewery has become a favorite among enthusiasts. This tawny colored ale has a delicious -forward aroma and flavor, making it the quintessential Northwest pale ale. Cascade hops provide the majority of this beer's hop character, with pale allowing the hops to linger wihout overpowering the palate.

This balanced pale ale is ideal for pairing with burgers, as its malt and hop balance complement the flavors of beef perfectly. Mirror Pond Pale Ale also has an ABV of 4.8%, giving it a slightly higher content than most other pale ales on the market.

In terms of calories, each 12 oz bottle contains 170 calories, making it slightly higher than the average calorie content of a traditional pale ale. However, this should not be a deterrent for those watching their caloric intake since one bottle can still be enjoyed in moderation without fear of negative health effects.

For those looking for an enjoyable beer that pairs well with burgers or other pub fare, then Mirror Pond Pale Ale from Deschutes Brewery is definitely worth trying. Its balanced hop and malt character make it an ideal accompaniment to any meal while its slightly higher alcohol content provides a nice boost to your evening festivities!

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The Type of Beer in Mirror Pond

Mirror Pond Pale Ale is an American-style pale ale brewed with Cascade hops. It has a rich, tawny color and a hops-forward aroma and flavor that make it the quintessential Northwest pale ale. The balance of pale malt and Cascade hops creates a beer that is smooth and full-bodied with lingering hop notes. Mirror Pond Pale Ale is an excellent choice for those who prefer hoppy beers but don't want an overly bitter experience.

The Brewer Behind Mirror Pond Pale Ale

Mirror Pond Pale Ale is crafted by Deschutes Brewery, a leading craft brewery based in Bend, Oregon. Founded in 1988, Deschutes has been award-winning beers for over 30 years and has become one of the most respected breweries in the country. Mirror Pond Pale Ale is a classic American pale ale that features a light malt body balanced with a pleasantly assertive hop character. This delicious beer pairs perfectly with burgers and is sure to be enjoyed by all lovers.

Calorie Count of Mirror Pond Pale Ale

A Mirror Pond Pale Ale cotains 170 calories per bottle. Each bottle contains 12 grams of the .

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Ballast Point Sculpin is an American-style IPA from San Diego that has a bold flavor profile featuring notes of citrus and tropical fruit. Dogfish Head Flesh & Blood IPA is a balanced hybrid beer with blood orange peel and othr citrus flavors. Elysian Brewing Space Dust IPA is a juicy, hop-forward beer brewed with Citra hops that lend bright notes of pineapple and grapefruit to the brew. Firestone Walker Wookey Jack is an award-winning black ale that's packed with intense hop aromas and flavors. Founders Centennial IPA offers fresh hop aromas and flavors along with hints of lemon and pine. Four Peaks Hop Knot IPA has a light body paired with powerful hop flavor thanks to the generous addition of Citra hops. Great Basin Ichthyosaur “Icky” IPA is an American-style beer brewed with Columbus hops for an intensely hoppy aroma and flavor profile. Finally, Lagunitas Little Sumpin' Sumpin' Ale is a smooth wheat ale brewed with Centennial hops for balanced bitterness and citrus aroma.


In conclusion, Mirror Pond Pale Ale from Deschutes Brewery is the perfect beer for enjoying with a burger. It has a beautiful tawny color and a great hop-forward aroma and flavor due to its Cascade hops. The malt and hop balance make it an ideal pairing for burgers, and it has only 170 calories per bottle. Whether you're looing for an IPA with juicy flavors or just an all-around good pale ale, Mirror Pond Pale Ale can satisfy your cravings.

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