Satisfy Your Cravings with Omission Gluten-Free Beer!

Omission GF is a great way to enjoy a cold one without the guilt of consuming gluten. Omission is crafted with low-protein barley and other gluten-containing ingredients, but it undergoes a proprietary process to remove gluten. This process has been independently tested by an outside company that ensures the levels of gluten in each batch of Omission fall well below the internationally accepted standard of less than 20 parts per million.

For those looking for something light and refreshing, Omission Ultimate Light is the perfect choice. With only 95 calories and 2g of carbs per 12oz serving, you can enjoy a beer without feeling full or guilty afterwards. The citrusy and clean finish make this beer easy to drink and highly enjoyable. Plus, it's crafted to remove gluten so you don't have to worry about accidentally consuming any grains containing gluten.

Omission GF beer is a great option for those looking for an enjoyable beer without any of the guilt associated with consuming wheat or barley containing gluten. With its low calorie count and independent testing for safety, you can confidently enjoy this beer without worrying about any adverse effects from consuming too much gluten. So grab yourself an Omission GF beer today and enjoy the refreshing taste knowing your gut will thnk you later!

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Is Omission Beer Gluten-Free?

Omission beer is not gluten-free. It is brewed with barley, which contains gluten. Omission beer uses a special process that reduces the amount of gluten in the beer, but it still contains some level of gluten and is not considered safe for people with celiac disease or other gluten intolerance. For those looking for a truly gluten-free beer, it is recommended to look for beers made from alternative grains such as sorghum or rice.

How Much Gluten is Contained in Omission Products?

Omission contains less than 20 parts per million (ppm) of gluten, which is the internationally accepted gluten-free standard. Tests conducted by an independent testing company on each batch of Omission have found that the beer contains less than 5 ppm gluten, which is well below this standard. This means that Omission is a safe and reliable choice for those with gluten sensitivities or allergies.

Is Omission Gluten-Free or Gluten-Reduced?

Omission beer is gluten reduced, not gluten-free. The brewing process uses malted barley, which contains gluten, though a specialized enzyme is added to reduce the amount of gluten in the final product. Omission beer tests below the internationally-recognized 20 ppm threshold for gluten-free beers. If you have an intolerance or sensitivity to gluten, please consult your physician before drinking Omission beer.


Omission GF Beer is a great choice for those looking for a gluten-free beer. It is brewed with gluten-containing ingredients like any other beer, but it goes through an additional process to ensure that the remaining gluten in the beer falls well below the internationally accepted gluten-free standard of less than 20 parts per million. The citrusy hops and clean finish make this beer highly enjoyable, and with its low calories and carbs, you can enjoy another without feeling full. Ultimately, Omission GF Beer is a great choice for those searching for a safe and delicious gluten-free beer.

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