The Rich Taste of Rebel Cask Strength Bourbon!

Introducing Rebel Cask Strength Single Barrel : the perfect bourbon for bourbon connoisseurs. With an impressive four-year aging period and a powerful 120 proof, this is one of the most robust offerings on the market.

Rebel Cask Strength Single Barrel Bourbon is produced by Luxco, which recently renamed the brand from ‘Rebel Yell' to simply ‘Rebel.' As such, you may find it labeled under both names in stores. No matter what it's called, this is an exquisite offering that will satisfy even the most discerning palates.

This wheated Kentucky Straight Bourbon was crafted with such attention to detail that it has bcome a favorite of whiskey aficionados. The combination of its four-year aging process and 60% ABV (120 proof) results in a rich flavor and aroma that will delight your taste buds.

This is not just any ordinary bourbon. It's made with a unique mash bill that is identical to Heaven Hill's in-house wheater, Old Fitzgerald. The 78% corn, 10% , 12% barley grain blend creates a smooth yet complex flavor profile that offers notes of vanilla, caramel, oak, and spice. This unique combination makes Rebel Cask Strength Single Barrel Bourbon stand out from its peers and allows it to be enjoyed neat or in a variety of craft .

So if you're looking for an exceptional bourbon experience, look no further than Rebel Cask Strength Single Barrel Bourbon! With its unique mash bill and robust flavor profile, this is one spirit you won't want to miss!

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Aging Period of Rebel Cask Strength Whiskey

Rebel Cask Strength Single Barrel is a Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey that has been aged for four years in charred new American oak . The whiskey is bottled at 60% ABV (120 proof). This long maturation period, combined with the high-proof of the finished product, results in a whisky that has more complexity and depth than many other bourbons. The extended aging process produces bolder flavors and aromas, creating an overall richer and more intense drinking experience.

Comparing Rebel Bourbon and Rebel Yell

Yes, Rebel Bourbon is the same brand as Rebel Yell. The two names refer to the same product, whih is produced by Luxco, one of America's premier distilled companies. The brand recently decided to change its name from ‘Rebel Yell' to ‘Rebel' in order to more accurately reflect the whiskey's heritage and flavor profile. Both brands offer a range of Kentucky Straight bourbons with a variety of age statements and proofs, including the iconic Rebel Yell Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 10-Year-Old. Despite the name change, Rebel customers can expect the same high-quality bourbon that has been produced for generations.

Drinking Cask Strength Straight: Is It Possible?

Yes, you can drink cask strength whiskey straight. Cask strength whiskey is a high-proof spirit, usually bottled at 55-70% ABV, and it can be intense to drink neat. It is important to sip cask strength slowly and mindfully in order to appreciate the full flavor profile. When drinking cask strength neat, first take a small sip and allow your palate to adjust to the strong content befre taking larger sips. You can also add a few drops of to open up the flavors of the whiskey and make it easier to sip. When adding water, start with just a few drops and increase gradually until you reach your desired dilution level.

Who is the Owner of Rebel Whiskey?

Rebel Yell is a Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey ownd and marketed by Luxco, a spirits producer and leading distributor of both alcoholic and beverages. The whiskey is now distilled and aged at Luxco's new distillery, Lux Row Distillers, located in Bardstown, Kentucky.


Rebel Cask Strength Single Barrel is a unique and flavorful Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. It's aged for four years and bottled at a higher ABV than most bourbons, with a 60% ABV (120 proof). This bourbon is produced by Luxco, now owned by MGP, and uses a wheated mash bill that is identical to the one used in Heaven Hill's Old Fitzgerald Wheater. Rebel Cask Strength Single Barrel has an array of different flavors, ranging from spicy to sweet, making it an enjoyable sipping experience. Whether you're looking for an everyday bourbon or something special, Rebel Cask Strength Single Barrel shoud be on your list of considerations.

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