Taste the Sea Smoke Pinot Noir from Santa Barbara

Sea Smoke Pinot Noir is a Californian made with grapes grown on the south-facing hillsides of the Sea Smoke Vineyard in Santa Barbara County. The unique geography and climate of this region, as well as the winemaking techniques employed by Sea Smoke Cellars, combine to produce a truly outstanding Pinot Noir.

Sea Smoke Cellars was founded in 1999 by Bob Davids, who was determined to produce a world-class wine from the Sta. Rita Hills appellation of Santa Barbara County. The estate's commitment to quality has resulted in a pinot noir that is knwn for its exceptional complexity and grace.

The Sea Smoke Pinot Noir is created from grapes that are hand-harvested and fermented in small batches. The berries are gently pressed, and then aged for 10 months in French oak usng traditional winemaking techniques such as bâtonage (stirring the lees). This process results in an intense and flavorful wine with notes of cherry, raspberry, leather, cedar, spice, and tobacco.

The Sea Smoke Pinot Noir has been highly praised by critics arund the world. It has won multiple awards including gold medals at both San Francisco International Wine Competition and Los Angeles International Wine Competition.

Unfortunately, Sea Smoke Cellars is not open to the public; however they greatly appreciate the many tour inquiries they receive. Instead you can purchase ther wines online or at select retailers throughout California.

If you're looking for an extraordinary Pinot Noir experience that will tantalize your taste buds with complex flavors, look no frther than Sea Smoke Cellars' Pinot Noir!

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Origin of Sea Smoke Pinot Noir

Sea Smoke Pinot Noir is a renowned wine produced in the Santa Rita Hills AVA of Santa Barbara County, California. The area is well-known for its cool climate and unique soil composition, which produces Pinot Noir grapes with intense flavor and complexity. Sea Smoke wines are crafted from grapes grown at the Ten Vineyard, located at the southernmost edge of the Sta. Rita Hills AVA. Here, the vineyard is exposed to the ocean winds and fog rolling in off the Pacific Ocean creating what winemakers refer to as “sea smoke” – a term used to describe the wispy fog that blankets vineyards of this coastal region dring certain times of year. This unique terroir gives Sea Smoke Pinot Noir its distinctive character that has earned it international acclaim.

Who Produces Sea Smoke Wines?

Sea Smoke Vineyard produces a range of high-end wines from the Santa Rita Hills appellation of Santa Barbara County. The vineyard was founded in 1999 by Bob Davids and is located on south-facing hillsides above Fiddlestix Vineyard. Sea Smoke specializes in Pinot Noir and Chardonnay but also produces small quantities of Syrah and . All grapes are sustainably farmed and hand-harvested, while the wines are made using traditional processes that result in a style that is elegant, balanced, and complex. Each vintage reflects the unique characteristics of the vineyards while also capturing the region's terroir.

Visiting Sea Smoke Winery

Unfortunately, Sea Smoke Winery is not open to the public for visits. They deeply appreciate the interest in their winery, but due to their rare geography and focus on quality, they are unable to accommodate tours at this time. However, their wines can be found in stores and restaurants around the world.


Sea Smoke Pinot Noir is a world-class wine that enjoys a well-deserved reputation for its complexity and elegance. Produced by Sea Smoke Cellars in the Sta. Rita Hills appellation of Santa Barbara County, this premium California Pinot Noir is crafted from grapes grown on the south-facing hillsides of the estate situated aboe Fiddlestix Vineyard. With a commitment to quality and an exceptional geography, Sea Smoke has created a remarkable wine that has been lauded by critics and connoisseurs alike. While Sea Smoke does not offer public tours, their wines remain available for those looking to sample this outstanding expression of California's finest varietal.

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