DIY Guide to Making Delicious Hard Seltzer

Seltzer is a carbonated that has been enjoyed for centuries. However, with the increasing popularity of low-calorie alcoholic beverages, the production of has taken off in recent years. Making seltzer is a relatively simple process, but making hard seltzer requires a bit more finesse.

The first step in making seltzer is to start with clean, fresh water. Many people prefer to use filtered or distilled water to ensure that there are no impurities that can affect the flavor of the seltzer. Next, the water is carbonated using a carbonation machine or by adding carbon dioxide gas to the water. The level of carbonation can be adjusted to personal preference and can range from lightly carbonated to highly carbonated.

To make hard seltzer, the water is first mixed with sugar or corn syrup. This mixture is then fermented using , whch converts the sugar into . The type of yeast used in hard seltzer production is crucial, as it must be able to tolerate high levels of alcohol, low pH, and high osmotic pressure. LalBrew CBC-1™ is a yeast strain that is commonly used in hard seltzer production due to its ability to produce a neutral flavor profile.

Once the fermentation process is complete, flavorings can be added to the hard seltzer. These can include natural fruit flavors, such as raspberry or lemon, or artificial flavors. Sweeteners can also be added to adjust the sweetness level of the final product.

The final step in making hard seltzer is to package and carbonate the product. Many hard seltzer brands use aluminum cans, which are lightweight and easy to transport. The cans are then filled with the hard seltzer and carbonated to the desired level.

Making seltzer and hard seltzer is a fairly simple process that can be done at home. However, making high-quality hard seltzer requires attention to detail and the use of specialized yeast strains. With the increasing popularity of hard seltzer, it is likely that we will continue to see new flavors and variations of this low-calorie alcoholic in the years to come.

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What Do You Ferment To Make Seltzer?

To make hard seltzer, you ferment a mixture of water and sugars. The sugars used can vary, but commonly used ones are table sugar and corn sugar. The fermentation process is carried out by yeast, which consumes the sugars and produces alcohol and carbon dioxide. Once the fermentation is complete, the mixture is then packaged and carbonated to create the final product, which is a water with alcohol. It's worth noting that the fermentation process is crucial to the final taste and alcohol content of the seltzer, and differnt types of yeast strains can be used to achieve different results.

What Is The Best Yeast For Hard Seltzer?

The best yeast for hard seltzer is one that can handle the specific conditions of the fermentation process and produce a neutral flavor profile. LalBrew CBC-1™ is a high quality and highly viable yeast strain that is ideal for hard seltzer fermentation. This particular strain has been specifically selected for its ability to tolerate high levels of alcohol, high osmotic pressure, and low pH, wich are all factors commonly found in hard seltzer production.

LalBrew CBC-1™ is also known for producing a neutral flavor profile that won't interfere with the natural flavors of the other ingredients in the seltzer. This is important because hard seltzer is all about the subtle, refreshing flavors that come from the base ingredients and any added fruits or flavors.

LalBrew CBC-1™ is the best yeast for hard seltzer due to its ability to handle the unique conditions of the fermentation process and produce a neutral flavor profile that won't interfere with the natural flavors of the other ingredients.

Is Hard Seltzer Hard To Make?

Hard seltzer is relatively easy to make, as it requires only a few ingredients and a straightforward process. The primary ingredients of hard seltzer include water, sugar, yeast, and flavorings such as fruit extracts or natural flavors. These ingredients are combined and fermented in a similar process to , whih involves adding yeast to a sugar-water mixture and allowing it to ferment.

Once the mixture has fermented, it is carbonated to create the fizzy texture of seltzer. This can be achieved through the use of a carbonation machine or by naturally carbonating the mixture in a keg or bottle. Hard seltzer can be brewed in large batches or on a smaller scale, making it accessible to homebrewers and commercial brewers alike.

The process of making hard seltzer is relatively simple and requires minimal equipment and ingredients. With the increasing popularity of hard seltzer, many breweries are now offering their own unique flavors and variations of the beverage.


Hard seltzer is a simple yet delicious alcoholic beverage that has gained immense popularity in recent years. Its ingredients are easily accessible and affordable, making it a viable option for homebrewers and commercial producers alike. The fermentation process is straightforward, and a high-quality yeast strain such as LalBrew CBC-1™ can ensure a clean and neutral flavor profile. With its low calorie and low sugar content, hard seltzer is an attractive option for health-conscious consumers. As the market for hard seltzer continues to grow, it is clear that this refreshing and easy-to-make drink is here to stay.

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