The Taste of Tuscany with Villa Antinori

Villa Antinori is a full-bodied Tuscan red that has been produced by the Antinori family since 1928. The wine is made from grapes grown, mature and harvested from their Tuscan estates and then fermented and aged to perfection in the family's cellars. It has a heavy body, with notes of spice, fruit and soil that harken back to its origins in Tuscany.

Villa Antinori was created by Marchese Niccolò Antinori as a Chianti Classico that could age and improve over time. Since its creation, it has become a favorite among connoisseurs around the world, often appearing in prestigious cellars of embassies, royal houses, hotels and restaurants.

The taste of Villa Antinori is unmistakably Tuscan – smooth dry Italian wine with a deep complexity that can only come from years of careful tending by skilled winemakers. On the palate you will find notes of blackberry jam, liquorice, dark chocolate and clove that slowly open up as the wine breathes. As it continues to evolve in your glass you will discover more subtle nuances such as earthy undertones of leather and tobacco.

For its price point Villa Antinori is an absolute steal; offering unrivaled quality compared to other wines in its class. An excellent choice for any occasion – whethr it be a dinner party or simply enjoying some time alone – Villa Antinori is sure to delight even the most discerning palates!

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The Type of Wine Produced by Villa Antinori

Villa Antinori is a full-bodied Tuscan made from grapes grown, matured and harvested from the Antinori family estates. The grapes are fermented and aged in the same estates, resulting in a rich, complex blend with notes of dark cherry, leather, and spices. It has a deep ruby color, with good body and structure. The finish is long and smooth. Enjoy this wine with grilled meats, game dishes, aged cheeses or robust pasta dishes.

Is Villa Antinori a Super Tuscan Wine?

Yes, Villa Antinori is indeed a Super Tuscan. This classic Italian red wine is a blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes grown in the renowned Chianti Classico area. It offers intense aromas of ripe red fruits blended with scents of spice, tobacco and undergrowth. The palate is full-bodied and well balanced, with plush tannins that give structure and a long finish. Enjoy this iconic Super Tuscan today to experience the best that Tuscany has to offer!

Is Villa Antinori Toscana a Dry Wine?

Yes, Villa Antinori Toscana is a dry wine. It is a blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes from the Chianti Classico zone of Tuscany. The wine is characterized by smooth tannins and subtle notes of blackberry and spice, with a lasting finish. It has an content of 13.5%, making it a dry wine that pairs well with red meats, game and savory dishes.


Villa Antinori is a full-bodied Tuscan red wine that has been produced by the Antinori family since 1928. It is an excellent example of a classic super Tuscan, with its heavy body, spicy and fruity flavor, and soil-rich taste. This full-bodied red is perfect for those who enjoy a smooth dry Italian wine from the region of Tuscany. With its long history of excellence and high quality, Villa Antinori is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a delicious and unique Italian red.

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