What are the top 5 gins?

Answered by Randall Whitlock

As a sommelier and brewer, I have had the pleasure of trying numerous gins from around the world. While it is difficult to narrow down the top five gins as personal preferences can vary, I can certainly share some of the gins that have made a lasting impression on me. So, without further ado, here are five gins that I believe deserve recognition:

1. Tanqueray No. Ten – This is crafted with a unique blend of botanicals, including fresh citrus fruits such as grapefruit, orange, and lime. The result is a refreshing and vibrant gin that is perfect for like the classic gin and tonic or a citrus-forward martini. The smoothness and balance of flavors in Tanqueray No. Ten make it a favorite among many gin enthusiasts.

2. Hendrick's Gin – Known for its distinctive apothecary-style bottle and infusion of cucumber and rose petals, Hendrick's Gin offers a refreshing and floral taste profile. The cucumber adds a cool and crisp element, while the rose petals provide a delicate and aromatic touch. I find Hendrick's Gin to be a great choice for those who enjoy a lighter and more botanical-forward gin experience.

3. The Botanist – This gin hails from the Isle of Islay in Scotland and showcases a complex array of botanicals, including 22 native plants that are hand-foraged from the island. The Botanist offers a rich and herbaceous flavor profile, with notes of citrus, floral, and spice. It is a gin that truly captures the essence of its terroir and is a must-try for gin aficionados seeking a unique and artisanal spirit.

4. Monkey 47 – Originating from the Black Forest region of Germany, Monkey 47 is a gin that boasts an impressive 47 botanicals in its recipe. The complexity of flavors in this gin is astounding, with notes of citrus, spice, and an array of herbal nuances. The attention to detail and craftsmanship in the production of Monkey 47 is evident in every sip, making it a gin that stands out from the crowd.

5. Plymouth Gin – With a history dating back over 200 years, Plymouth Gin is a classic and timeless choice. It is crafted in Plymouth, England, using a blend of seven botanicals, including juniper berries, coriander, and orange peel. Plymouth Gin has a smooth and well-balanced flavor profile, with a slight sweetness and a hint of earthiness. It is a versatile gin that works well in a variety of cocktails and is a staple in many bars and households.

These are just a few examples of the many exceptional gins available today. The beauty of the gin world is that there is something to suit every palate, whether you prefer a more traditional gin or a and experimental style. Exploring different gins and discovering your personal favorites is part of the joy and adventure of being a gin lover. Cheers to the journey of discovering your own top five gins!