The Delightful Flavor of Colorado’s 291 Barrel Proof Single Barrel Whiskey

If you're lookng for a one-of-a-kind experience, you need to try 291 Barrel Proof Single Barrel. This Colorado is a unique blend of , sour mash and aged in American White Oak deep char . The finishing touch is the addition of toasted Aspen staves.

291 Barrel Proof Single Barrel has won numerous awards, including the 2018 World Whiskies Awards and San Francisco World Competition Double Gold winner. This whiskey has an intense and complex flavor profile that will tantalize your taste buds with notes of oak, vanilla, caramel and spice.

This whiskey is distilled in a copper pot still and aged for at last one year in charred barrels before bottling. The barrel proof process ensures that no or other liquids are added to the whiskey before bottling, resulting in an incredibly smooth yet full-bodied spirit with a higher content than regular whiskey.

The unique flavors of 291 Barrel Proof Single Barrel are best enjoyed neat or on the rocks. If you find the alcohol content too high for your palate, you can add a splash of water or even an ice cube to mellow out the intensity of this amazing whiskey.

Try 291 Barrel Proof Single Barrel today and experience an unforgettable whiskey experience!

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Age of 291 Whiskey

291 whiskey is a one year old Colorado bourbon whiskey, aged in a single barrel for an entire year. It is distilled using a copper pot still, in order to impart the unique flavor and complexity of the 291 whiskey. The aging process helps to develop the rich, robust flavor that makes 291 such an enjoyable drink. As with most bourbons, this whiskey will continue to mature over time and develop even more complex flavors.

Comparing Barrel Proof and Single Barrel Whiskeys

No, barrel proof and single barrel are not the same. Barrel proof bourbon is an undiluted whiskey that has been bottled directly from the cask. This means that it has a higher ABV (alcohol by volume) than most oher bourbons, usually ranging between 57-127 proof. On the other hand, single barrel bourbon is produced from a single barrel of whiskey, which can contain anywhere from 10 to 200 gallons of whiskey. The barrels are usually chosen for their unique taste profile and then bottled without dilution. This means that every bottle of single barrel bourbon will have its own distinct flavor profile compared to other bottles of the same brand.

The Benefits of Drinking 291 Whiskey

291 Colorado Rye Whiskey is a high-quality, award-winning whiskey produced in the U.S. state of Colorado. It is made from rye malt and fermented with a sour mash, then distilled in copper pot stills. The whiskey is then aged in American White Oak deep char barrels and finished with toasted Aspen Staves for a unique flavor profile. This process has earned 291 Colorado Rye Whiskey the prestigious title of ‘World's Best Rye' at the 2018 World Whiskies Awards and a Double Gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. It is well knon for its complex flavor profile, which includes spicy notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, and clove, as well as sweet notes of caramel and vanilla.

The Origin of the Name 291 Whiskey

The name 291 refers to Alfred Stieglitz's 291 Gallery in Manhattan, which he opened in 1905. The gallery was a place to showcase art and also served as a hub for the city's avant-garde and creative communities. It was here that Myers, founder of 291 Distillery, discovered his passion for craft distilling and decided to honor the spirit of the gallery by naming his whiskey after it. With roots firmly planted in the art world, 291 Whiskey is an expression of Myers' passion for creating great spirits with a unique flavor profile.

Who is the Owner of 291 Whiskey?

291 Whiskey is owned and founded by Michael Myers, a former New York City fashion and beauty photographer. Michael's passion for whiskey and love of the old west drove him to create a distinct Colorado Whiskey that captures the taste, smell, and folklore of that era. His bold and unique spirit is crafted using the finest ingredients, using traditional distilling techniques at his distillery in Colorado. With an eye for detail and an unwavering dedication to quality, he has crafted a whiskey unlike any other – embodying the spirit of the old west whie staying true to its Colorado roots.

The Benefits of Single Barrel Higher Proof Spirits

Single barrel whiskey is a type of whiskey that has been aged and bottled from a single barrel, rather than being blended with other barrels of whiskey. This means that the proof, or alcohol content, of a single barrel whiskey will usually be higher than standard bottles due to a decrease in the volume of liquid inside the barrel as it ages. As water evaporates from the barrel durig aging, the alcohol content increases per volume of liquid. This causes single barrel whiskeys to have higher proofs than their blended counterparts. Additionally, when bottling single barrels, distillers can choose to bottle at full proof or reduce the proof before bottling by adding water which affects both flavor and proof.

The Benefits of Single Barrel Whiskey

Single-barrel whiskey is a superior product for severl reasons. First, it is made from a single batch of carefully selected barrels, so the flavor and character are much more consistent than blended whiskeys. This consistency ensures that each sip of your favorite single-barrel whiskey will be consistent in quality and taste.

Second, the unique flavors and complexities of each barrel create an individual flavor profile that can't be found anywhere else. This means that your favorite single-barrel whiskey will always contain unique notes and nuances that make it stand out from other whiskeys on the market.

Finally, because each barrel is hand-selected and bottled separately, you can be sure that the quality of your favorite single-barrel whiskey will remain consistently high over time. This means you won't have to worry about purchasing a new bottle every time you want to enjoy your favorite ; instead, you can count on the same great flavor with each sip.

Comparing Single Barrel and Double Barrel Whiskey

Single barrel and double barrel whiskey differ in terms of flavor, complexity and overll quality. Single barrel whiskey is made from a single batch of whiskey that has been aged in one cask, while double barrel whiskey is created when a single batch is split up and aged in two separate casks.

Single barrel whiskeys typically have a bolder flavor with fwer nuances, while double barrel whiskeys often have more complexity and depth due to the additional time spent aging in the second cask. Double barrel whiskeys also generally have a smoother finish due to the extra aging time.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference as to whih type of whiskey you prefer. However, for those seeking an experience with more flavor complexity, a double barrel whiskey may be preferable.


291 Barrel Proof Single Barrel is a unique and distinguished whiskey crafted with care and precision. Distilled in a copper pot still, this Colorado Rye Whiskey is aged in American White Oak deep char barrels and finished with toasted Aspen Staves. The result is a bold and flavorful whiskey that has been recognized by the World Whiskies Awards, San Francisco World Spirits Competition with a Double Gold award for Worlds Best Rye. 291 Barrel Proof Single Barrel is an exceptional whiskey that should be savored slowly and enjoyed responsibly.

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