What beers are made from corn?

Answered by Randall Whitlock

Corn is an essential ingredient in the production of many types of . It is commonly used in to create a variety of beer styles, each with its own unique characteristics. One of the most well-known beers made from corn is American-style , which is light, crisp, and refreshing.

In the brewing process, corn is typically used as an adjunct, meaning it is added to the malted barley to supplement the fermentable sugars. This addition of corn helps to lighten the body and color of the beer, resulting in a clean and smooth taste. Corn also contributes to a drier finish and can enhance the beer's head retention.

One style that prominently uses corn is the Mexican-style lager, such as the popular brand Corona. These beers often have a light, pale yellow color and a mild, slightly sweet flavor. They are known for their easy drinkability and are often enjoyed with a wedge of lime.

Another beer style that incorporates corn is cream . Cream ales are light and crisp, with a slightly sweet and corn-like flavor profile. They are often described as a hybrid between ale and lager, combining the best characteristics of both styles.

Corn can also be used in the production of craft beers, where brewers experiment with different ingredients and brewing techniques. Some breweries use corn in their stouts or porters, adding a unique twist to these traditionally dark and robust beers. The addition of corn can add a subtle sweetness and smoothness to the beer, balancing out the bitterness from the roasted malts.

In addition to these beer styles, corn is also used in the production of traditional maize beers in certain regions of the world. These beers, often made in Africa and South America, utilize a process called lactic acid fermentation. During this process, corn is soured through natural fermentation before being used for fermentation. The resulting beers have a lower alcohol content, typically ranging from 2% to 3% ABV, and offer a distinct tartness.

Personally, I have always found beers made with corn to be interesting and enjoyable. The addition of corn can bring a unique flavor and texture to the beer, making it a versatile ingredient for brewers. I have had the opportunity to taste various corn-based beers, including Mexican lagers and cream ales, and have found them to be light and refreshing choices, especially during the warmer months.

To summarize, corn is a versatile ingredient in the world of beer production. It is commonly used as an adjunct in American-style lagers, Mexican-style lagers, cream ales, and even in craft beers like stouts and porters. Additionally, corn plays a significant role in the production of traditional maize beers, which offer a distinct tartness and lower alcohol content. The use of corn in brewing allows for a wide range of flavors and styles, making it an essential ingredient in the beer-making process.