What Happened To Gordon Biersch Beer?

Gordon Biersch is a well-known brewery that has been producing delicious for decades. Founded in 1988 by Dan Gordon and Dean Biersch, the brewery quickly became popular among enthusiasts due to its unique approach to and commitment to quality. Over the years, Gordon Biersch has expanded its product offerings and now offers a variety of beers as well as food at its locations across the United States. Recently, however, the company has made the difficult decision to close some of its locations, including five in Maryland, Washington D.C., New York and Virginia.

The History of Gordon Biersch Brewing Company

Dan Gordon was born in Germany but moved to California when he was only seven years old. By his twenties, he had developed a passion for brewing beer which eventually led him to enroll in brewing school in Munich. After graduating from school with honors, Dan returned to San Jose where he met Dean Biersch at a local pub. The two men soon formed a partnership and opened their own brewery on East Taylor Street in 1988.

From day one, Dan and Dean set out to produce high-quality German-style lagers using traditional brewing techniques such as decoction mashing and extended lagering periods (cold storage). These processes allowed them to create flavorful beers with a crisp finish that were highly sought after by craft beer lovers all over the country.

The Beers of Gordon Biersch

Throughout its history, Gordon Biersch has consistently produced excellent beers that have become staples in craft beer circles. Some of their most popular beers include:

  • Marzen : This classic German-style lager is copper colored with rich maltiness balanced by subtle hop bitterness; pairs well with roasted meats or grilled vegetables
  • Pilsner: A light-bodied yet full-flavored pilsner brewed with Czech Saaz ; perfect for hot summer days
  • Hefeweizen: A wheat ale brewed with traditional Bavarian ; notes of banana & clove make it perfect for any occasion
  • Dunkelweizen: A dark wheat ale brewed with chocolate & caramel malts; great accompaniment for spicy dishes or desserts
  • : A robust India Pale Ale hopped up with Amarillo & Cascade hops; great choice for hop heads looking for intense flavor & aroma
  • Porter: Rich & creamy porter made with dark malts & roasted barley; ideal companion for barbecues or campfire stories
  • : Bold stout brewed with & chocolate malts; great after dinner drink or dessert accompaniment

Recent Closures Of Gordon Biersch Locations Across The US

Unfortunately, due to various financial issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Gordon Biersch recently decided to close five locations across four states – Maryland (Rockville & Baltimore), Washington D.C., New York (Syracuse) and Virginia (Virginia Beach). While these closures are undoubtedly disappointing news for fans of their delicious craft beers, the company does plan on reopening many other locations once it is safe to do so again.

Is Gordon Biersch A Franchise?

Gordon Biersch is a chain of restaurants that brew their own beer on site. They have over 30 locations across the United States, and 2 locations in Taiwan.

Gordon Biersch

Why Did Gordon Biersch Virginia Beach Closed?

There are a few reasons why Gordon Biersch Virginia Beach closed. One reason may be the high cost of rent in that area. The restaurant was also located in a shopping center, which may have contributed to its closure because shoppers may have chosen to eat at the restaurants located within the mall instead. Additionally, Gordon Biersch may have been struggling to compete with other craft breweries that have become popular in recent years.

Gordon Biersch Maibock

Why Did Gordon Biersch Honolulu Close?

The Honolulu location of Gordon Biersch closed because it was losing money. This is likey due to a combination of factors, such as the cost of doing business in Hawaii, competition from other restaurants, and a lack of customers.

Who Is Gordon Biersch Owned By?

Gordon Biersch is a brewery and restaurant chain that is owned by CraftWorks Holdings.

What Kind Of Beer Is A Maibock?

A maibock is a type of lager that is typically brewed in the spring. It is a strong, malty beer that is perfect for the short spring season in Bavaria.

What Does Maibock Taste Like?

Maibocks are typically light in color and have a crisp, floral hop flavor. They are also more balanced than other bocks, with a greater emphasis on and sweetness. This alows the crisp hop flavor to stand out more.

When Should I Drink Maibock?

Maibocks are a type of Heller Bock, a German beer that is usually lighter in color and body than traditional bocks. They are typically brewed in the spring, and are meant to be consumed during the warmer months. Maibocks are often described as having a sweet, malty flavor, with a moderate amount of hops bitterness. They are generally 6-8% ABV.

If you're looking for a beer to drink in the spring, Maibocks are a great option. They are light and refreshing, but still flavorful enough to satisfy your thirst. They are perfect for enjoying on a warm day outdoors, or paired with food at a barbecue or picnic.

What Does Maibock Beer Taste Like?

Brewed in the bock style, maibocks are light amber to copper in color and are medium-bodied with a malty sweetness and a dry finish. They are usually hopped more than other lagers, lending them a spicy or peppery flavor.

What Replaced Gordon Biersch In Virginia Beach?

Notch'd Craft Kitchen and Brewery, a Charlottesville-based brewery, has signed a lease at the former Gordon Biersch brewery location in Virginia Beach Town Center at 4561 Virginia Beach Blvd., realty company Divaris confirms.

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