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When it comes to , there's no shortage of creative and unique flavors out there. From fruity IPAs to rich stouts, brewers are constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be. One such example is Fluffy Nuts Beer, a PB and Marshmallow Imperial Cream brewed by Perennial Artisan Ales in St. Louis, MO.

At a hefty 9.0% ABV, Fluffy Nuts Beer is not your average cream ale. But what exactly is a cream ale? Cream Ales are a style of beer that originated in America and are characterized by their smooth and creamy mouthfeel. They are typically light in color and have a mild, slightly sweet flavor profile.

Fluffy Nuts Beer takes this traditional cream ale style and adds a unique twist. Inspired by the classic Fluffernutter sandwich, which combines peanut butter and marshmallow fluff, this beer aims to recreate those flavors in liquid form. The result is a rich and decadent brew that is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

To achieve the distinct flavors of peanut butter and marshmallow, Perennial Artisan Ales uses a combination of specialty ingredients. They start with a base cream ale and then add peanut butter and marshmallow during the process. This allows the flavors to infuse into the beer, creating a harmonious blend of nutty and sweet notes.

But the creativity doesn't stop there. Perennial Artisan Ales is known for their innovative brewing techniques, and Fluffy Nuts Beer is no exception. In addition to the peanut butter and marshmallow, they also incorporate black walnuts into the brew. This adds a rich and earthy flavor that complements the sweetness of the peanut butter and marshmallow.

The choice to use a Dunkelweizen as the base beer for Fluffy Nuts Beer is another interesting decision by the brewers. Dunkelweizen is a dark southern German wheat beer that is known for its banana and clove flavors. By using this style as the base, Perennial Artisan Ales is able to recreate the taste of banana bread with walnut flavors, further enhancing the overall experience of this unique brew.

Cream Ales, in general, are unique because they can be fermented using either American ale yeasts or yeasts at high temperatures. Some brewers even use a combination of both to create their version of Cream Ales. This versatility allows for a wide range of flavor profiles and brewing techniques, making Cream Ales a favorite among craft beer enthusiasts.

Fluffy Nuts Beer is a one-of-a-kind creation that combines the flavors of peanut butter, marshmallow, and black walnuts in a rich and creamy cream ale. Brewed by Perennial Artisan Ales, this beer is a testament to the creativity and innovation of the craft beer industry. So, if you're looking for a unique and indulgent brew, give Fluffy Nuts Beer a try and experience the Fluffernutter sandwich in a whole new way.

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What Is The ABV Of Saloon Door Fluffy Nuts?

The ABV ( by Volume) of Saloon Door Fluffy Nuts is 9.0%. This Texas Cream Ale is a unique and flavorful beer that combines the delicious tastes of peanut butter and marshmallow. It is an Imperial Cream Ale, which means it has a higher alcohol content compared to regular cream ales.

Here are some key points about Saloon Door Fluffy Nuts:

– ABV: 9.0%
– Beer Style: Texas Cream Ale
– Flavor Profile: This beer is inspired by the Fluffernutter sandwich, a classic combination of peanut butter and marshmallow. It offers a creamy and rich taste, with hints of nuttiness and sweetness from the marshmallow.
– Imperial Cream Ale: Unlike traditional cream ales, which are typically light and refreshing, this beer has a higher alcohol content, giving it a stronger and more robust flavor.
– Unique Spin: Saloon Door Fluffy Nuts adds a twist to the classic Fluffernutter sandwich by infusing it into a beer, creating a unique and indulgent drinking experience.

Saloon Door Fluffy Nuts is a high-ABV Texas Cream Ale that combines the flavors of peanut butter and marshmallow to create a delicious and indulgent beer.

What Beer Is Made With Nuts?

One beer that is made with nuts is the Black Walnut Dunkel brewed by Perennial Artisan Ales in St. Louis, MO. This particular beer is a Dunkelweizen, which is a dark wheat beer originating from southern Germany. Perennial Artisan Ales uses black walnuts in the brewing process to infuse the beer with the flavors of walnut. The result is a unique and delicious beer that aims to recreate the taste of banana bread with the addition of walnut notes.

It is worth noting that there are other beers made with nuts as well. Some breweries incorporate various nuts like almonds, pecans, or hazelnuts into their brews to add distinctive flavors and aromas. These nut-infused beers can range from stouts and porters to brown ales and Belgian-style ales. Each beer may have its own unique twist, incorporating different nuts and brewing techniques to create a wide variety of nutty flavors in the finished product.

The Black Walnut Dunkel from Perennial Artisan Ales is an example of a beer made with nuts, specifically black walnuts. However, there are many other nut-infused beers available in the craft beer industry, offering beer enthusiasts a diverse range of flavors to explore.


Fluffy Nuts Beer is a unique and innovative creation by Perennial Artisan Ales that combines the flavors of peanut butter and marshmallow in a rich and indulgent Imperial Cream Ale. With a high ABV of 9.0%, this beer packs a punch and offers a decadent twist on the classic Fluffernutter sandwich.

The use of black walnuts in Perennial Artisan Ales' other brew, the Black Walnut Dunkel, showcases their creativity in incorporating unique ingredients to enhance the flavor profile of their beers. In the case of Fluffy Nuts Beer, the combination of peanut butter and marshmallow creates a nostalgic and comforting taste reminiscent of a childhood favorite.

Cream Ales, in general, are known for their versatility in terms of fermentation, with some breweries utilizing both ale and lager yeasts. This adds complexity to the brewing process and allows for a wide range of flavor profiles. The choice of an Imperial Cream Ale as the base beer for Fluffy Nuts Beer further amplifies its richness and depth of flavor.

Fluffy Nuts Beer is an exceptional creation that showcases the innovative and creative approach of Perennial Artisan Ales. With its unique combination of flavors and high ABV, it offers a truly indulgent and memorable drinking experience. Whether you're a fan of the Fluffernutter sandwich or simply enjoy exploring new and exciting beer flavors, Fluffy Nuts Beer is definitely worth a try.

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