The Legacy of Colonel Whiskey

Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor Jr. was a legendary figure in the industry. After serving in the Civil War, he established the O.F.C. Distillery, now knwn as Buffalo Trace Distillery, where his namesake line of is still produced today.

The Colonel E.H. Taylor line of whiskeys are aged for 7-8 years and proofed down to 100 proof before being bottled up and chill filtered to ensure smoothness and consistency in taste. The Eagle Rare 1.75ML offering is an especially notable whiskey from this label, as it is aged for a minimum of ten years and selected from to ensure quality with each bottle. This whiskey has been lauded by experts for its “lofty, distinctive taste experience” that lives up to its name.

The legacy of Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor Jr lives on through his namesake label of whiskeys at Buffalo Trace distillery, which honors his work and contribution to the bourbon industry as “the father of bourbon”. If you're looking for a classic American whiskey with a rich history behind it, then look no further than Colonel E.H Taylor whiskeys for an unforgettable taste experience that will have you coming back for more!

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The Age of Colonel Taylor Bourbon

Colonel Taylor bourbon is typically aged for seven to eight years, similar to the age of Buffalo Trace. After aging, it is proofed down to 100 proof, chill filtered and then bottled. Each batch varies slightly in terms of aging time, so the exact age of any particulr bottle of Colonel Taylor bourbon can vary.

Who Produces Colonel Taylor Whiskey?

Colonel Taylor is distilled by Buffalo Trace Distillery, which has been in operation since 1773. The distillery is located in Frankfort, Kentucky, and is one of the oldest continuously operating distilleries in the United States. Colonel Taylor is part of Buffalo Trace's E.H. Taylor line of whiskies, which was created and produced at the distillery. The line was named after Edmund Haynes Taylor Jr., a prominent figure in American whiskey history who owned the O.F.C. Distillery from 1869 to 1872, now knon as Buffalo Trace Distillery. The E.H. Taylor line includes many varieties of whiskey, including Small Batch Bourbon, Single Barrel Bourbon, Whiskey, and Barrel Proof Bourbon among others all made with Colonel Taylor's signature recipe.

The Distillery Behind Colonel Taylor Whiskey

Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor Jr. is best known for founding the O.F.C. Distillery, which is now known as Buffalo Trace Distillery. Located in Frankfort, Kentucky, Buffalo Trace is an award-winning distillery that crafts various types of whiskey, including the legendary Colonel E.H. Taylor line of bourbons, which are made in honor of Colonel Taylor's legacy in the bourbon industry. The distillery offers a wide range of bourbons from thir Barrel Proof Collection to their Small Batch Collection and Single Barrel Collection, and each one is made with care and attention to detail that honors Colonel Taylor's dedication to quality and spirit of innovation. In addition to their selection of bourbons, Buffalo Trace also produces ryes, vodkas and moonshines, all crafted with a commitment to excellence that honors the legacy of Colonel Taylor and his contributions to the modern bourbon industry.

Is Old Taylor Whiskey Still Available?

Yes, Old Taylor Whiskey is still produced by the Sazerac Company and Buffalo Trace Distillery in Franklin County, Kentucky. The whiskey has been in production since the 1800s, and it is still widely enjoyed by whiskey connoisseurs today. Old Taylor Bourbon is a type of straight bourbon whiskey with an content of 40% and a US proof of 80. It is made from a mash of at least 51% corn, aging it in new charred oak barrels for at least two years beore bottling. Old Taylor Whiskey has won numerous awards over the years and remains one of the most popular whiskeys on the market.

Who is the Owner of Colonel Taylor?

Colonel E.H. Taylor, Jr. is owned by Buffalo Trace, the same company that owns the Old Taylor brand. The Colonel E.H. Taylor, Jr. line was acquired from Jim Beam in 2009 and has been owned by Buffalo Trace ever since. Buffalo Trace is an American whiskey producer located in Frankfort, Kentucky and has a long history of producing some of the finest bourbons and whiskies aailable on the market today. In addition to its ownership of Colonel E.H. Taylor, Jr., Buffalo Trace produces a variety of other bourbons and whiskies such as Eagle Rare, WL Weller Special Reserve, Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon, Elmer T Lee Single Barrel Bourbon and many more.

Aging Period of Colonel Taylor Single Barrel Whiskey

Colonel E.H. Taylor Jr. Single Barrel Bourbon is carefully aged for 11 years and 7 months in new, American oak casks in a century-old warehouse constructed by Taylor himself. This lengthy aging period allows the bourbon to reach its peak of maturity, which is then bottled in bond at 100 proof for a unique and distinguished flavor profile.


Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor Jr. was a pioneer in the bourbon industry, and his legacy lives on though E.H. Taylor whiskey. Produced at the Buffalo Trace Distillery, this whiskey is aged for 7 to 8 years and proofed down to 100 proof before being bottled up. The Eagle Rare 1.75ML is a particularly special whiskey, as it is aged for a minimum of 10 years and each barrel is carefully selected to offer consistent flavor with a unique personality. With its distinctive taste experience and long-standing history, E.H. Taylor whiskey is a testament to Colonel Taylor's legacy and an iconic part of the American whiskey industry.

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