Avery Majaraja: Crafting the Perfect Double IPA with CCL Industries

Avery Majaraja is a double India Pale that is brewed by Avery Products Corporation, a publicly reportable operating segment of CCL Industries Inc. This unique has been crafted using a special combination of and to give it an intense flavor profile that is sure to delight beer lovers.

For this double , Avery Products Corporation has used Mosaic, Citra and Amarillo hops to give the beer a pronounced bitterness and vivid aromas of citrus, tropical fruit and pine. The addition of crystal malts provides a rich caramel malt flavor that balances out the hoppy bitterness. This combination creates an intensely flavorful beer with complex hop character and a crisp finish.

This brew clocks in at 8% ABV, making it one of the strongest beers aailable from Avery Products Corporation. The content is balanced out nicely by the malt sweetness and hoppy bitterness, resulting in a full-bodied ale with intense flavors. With its high alcohol content, Avery Majaraja is best enjoyed slowly in order to fully appreciate its complexity.

Whether you are looking for a bold IPA or just want to try something new, Avery Majaraja is sure to please your taste buds! Pick up this unique double IPA today and experience all the flavors that Avery Products Corporation has to offer!

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Who Owns Avery?

Avery Products Corporation is owned by CCL Industries Inc., a world leader in specialty label and packaging solutions for corporations, small businesses, and consumers. CCL Industries acquired the Office and Consumer Products division from Avery Dennison in 2013, and has since been operating it as a publicly reportable operating segment.

What Characterizes a Double India Pale Ale?

A double IPA is a type of India Pale Ale (IPA) that has been brewed with an increased amount of hops and malt. The added hops povide a more pronounced bitterness and flavor, while the addition of malt gives the beer a sweet and toasted or caramel-like flavor. The higher malt content also increases the alcohol content, resulting in a stronger beer. Many double IPAs are brewed with specialty hops to create unique flavors and aromas. Additionally, the used can affect the final flavor profile, with some brewers opting for specific yeasts for their double IPAs to give it a distinct taste.

Are Avery Products Manufactured in China?

Yes, Avery products are indeed made in China. We have a robust presence in the country with several of our products being manufactured there and shipped to customers both locally and worldwide. We also have a number of production facilities across the country that are dedicated to producing Avery products. In addition, we have increased our investments in China to further expand our production capacity and capabilities. Furthermore, we are expanding further in the region by increasing our manufacturing capacity in Thailand and strengthening our distribution in India, Malaysia, Japan, Korea and the Philippines.


Avery Majaraja is a leading global provider of office and consumer products, providig innovative solutions to customers in the labeling, packaging and specialty printing industries. With the acquisition of Avery Dennison's Office and Consumer Products division, Avery Majaraja has further strengthened its position in the market as a leader in label and packaging solutions. The company offers a wide range of products with double IPA technology, providing a unique combination of hops that add bitterness and malt for enhanced flavor. With its commitment to quality, innovation and customer service, Avery Majaraja continues to be an industry leader in the label and packaging sector.

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