What is Glenlivet code?

Answered by James Porterfield

The Glenlivet Code is an exciting and innovative addition to the renowned range of whiskies produced by The Glenlivet distillery. This particular expression takes the classic fruity style that the distillery is known for and adds a unique twist, creating a whisky that is truly one-of-a-kind.

What sets The Glenlivet Code apart is its maturation process. The whisky begins its journey by being matured in traditional oak casks, allowing it to develop the classic flavors and characteristics that are characteristic of The Glenlivet. However, the whisky doesn't stop there. It is then finished in first-fill ex- , which impart a distinct layer of complexity and taste to the final product.

The decision to finish the whisky in ex-Canadian rye barrels is a bold and innovative one. Rye whisky is known for its spicy and robust flavor profile, and by incorporating these barrels into the maturation process, The Glenlivet Code takes on a whole new dimension. The rye barrels add a unique spiciness and depth to the whisky, complementing the fruity notes that are characteristic of The Glenlivet.

The use of first-fill barrels is also significant. These barrels have never been used to mature whisky before, meaning that they still retain a lot of the original flavors from the rye. This allows the whisky to absorb those flavors more readily, resulting in a more pronounced and distinctive taste.

The Glenlivet Code is aptly named, as it presents a mystery to be unraveled. The bottle itself does not provide any tasting notes or flavor descriptions, leaving the drinker to discover and interpret the whisky for themselves. This adds an element of intrigue and adventure to the drinking experience, as each individual will have their own unique perception of the flavors and aromas present in the whisky.

Personally, I find The Glenlivet Code to be a captivating and enjoyable whisky. The combination of the classic fruity notes of The Glenlivet, enhanced by the spiciness of the rye barrels, creates a harmonious and well-balanced flavor profile. The whisky is smooth and approachable, yet still complex enough to keep me coming back for more.

The Glenlivet Code is a fascinating and innovative expression from The Glenlivet distillery. By finishing the whisky in first-fill ex-Canadian rye barrels, the distillery has created a whisky that is both complex and approachable, with a unique layer of spiciness that sets it apart from other whiskies in their range. Whether you're a fan of The Glenlivet or simply looking for a new and exciting whisky to try, The Glenlivet Code is definitely worth exploring.