What is the attenuation of be 256?

Answered by Michael Blake

BE-256 has an impressive attenuation range of 82-86%. Attenuation refers to the percentage of sugars that the consumes during the fermentation process, converting them into and carbon dioxide. A higher attenuation means that the yeast has a greater ability to ferment sugars completely, resulting in a drier and more alcoholic .

I have personally used BE-256 in several brews, and its high attenuation has been a valuable characteristic. One particular experience comes to mind, when I was a Belgian-style with a relatively high original gravity. The recipe called for a rich profile, which meant there was a substantial amount of residual sugars. In order to achieve a balanced and not overly sweet beer, I needed a yeast strain with a high attenuation.

BE-256 proved to be the perfect choice for this brew. It efficiently consumed the complex sugars present in the malt, leaving behind a dry and crisp finish. The resulting beer had a delightful balance between the malt sweetness and the Belgian yeast character.

Attenuation is an essential factor to consider when selecting a yeast strain for a specific beer style. For example, in a dry and hop-forward beer like an , a high attenuation yeast helps to create a clean and refreshing finish, allowing the hop flavors to shine. On the other hand, in a sweeter beer like a or a barleywine, a lower attenuation yeast can contribute to a fuller body and a more substantial mouthfeel.

BE-256's attenuation range of 82-86% is quite impressive and gives brewers a lot of flexibility in achieving their desired beer characteristics. With this yeast, one can create a wide range of styles, from dry and crisp to fuller-bodied and malt-forward.

The attenuation of BE-256 is 82-86%, which is considered quite high. This yeast strain's ability to ferment sugars completely allows brewers to create drier and more alcoholic beers. Its flexibility makes it suitable for a variety of styles, and I highly recommend considering BE-256 when aiming for a clean and well-attenuated beer.