What is the bourbon named soldier?

Answered by Rodney Landry

Old Soldier is a unique and special bourbon that takes us back to the year 1860. It is crafted using an old family recipe, passed down through generations, which adds to its historical charm. As an expert sommelier and brewer, I can attest to the exceptional quality and flavor profile of this bourbon.

One of the standout characteristics of Old Soldier Bourbon is its oakiness. The aging process in charred oak imparts rich, woody notes to the whiskey. As you take a sip, you'll immediately notice the smooth vanilla and caramel flavors that dance on your palate. These sweet undertones are perfectly balanced, creating a delightful taste experience.

While many bourbons include in their mash bill, Old Soldier Bourbon is a corn bourbon. This distinction sets it apart from its counterparts by offering a different flavor profile. The absence of rye results in a whiskey that lacks the spicy, peppery kick typically associated with rye bourbons. Instead, Old Soldier Bourbon delivers a more mellow and approachable taste.

One of the best ways to truly appreciate Old Soldier Bourbon is to savor it slowly. Take your time to let the flavors unfold on your tongue, allowing the whiskey to coat your palate. This bourbon is meant to be enjoyed and appreciated, not rushed through. The complexity of flavors, including a hint of cinnamon, will gradually reveal themselves, enticing you to take another sip.

Having personally tasted Old Soldier Bourbon, I can attest to its smoothness and the depth of its flavors. It's a whiskey that transports you back in time, evoking images of old saloons and the ruggedness of the American frontier. As you sip on this bourbon, you can almost feel the weight of history in your hands.

Old Soldier Bourbon is a corn bourbon with a rich history and a flavor profile that is sure to please whiskey enthusiasts. Its oakiness, vanilla, caramel, and subtle hint of cinnamon make it a unique and enjoyable choice. Whether you're a seasoned bourbon connoisseur or just beginning to explore the world of whiskey, Old Soldier Bourbon is a worthy addition to your collection.