What is the new Macallan release 2023?

Answered by Arthur Reyes

As an expert sommelier and brewer, I am delighted to share my thoughts on the new Macallan release for 2023. This particular release, The Macallan Double Cask 18 Years Old, is truly a testament to the extraordinary craftsmanship that goes into creating such a fine whisky.

The first thing that strikes me about this whisky is its beautiful golden hue. The colour is so rich and vibrant, it immediately catches the eye and draws you in. It's a visual representation of the depth and complexity that awaits inside the bottle.

Upon nosing this whisky, I am greeted with a delightful array of aromas. The treacle toffee notes are immediately evident, offering a rich and indulgent sweetness. It's like taking a bite of a decadent dessert, with each sip offering a new layer of flavor to explore.

The sweet ginger notes add a subtle spiciness to the whisky, perfectly balancing out the sweetness of the toffee. It's a warm and comforting flavor that lingers on the palate, inviting you to take another sip.

Dried fruits are also present in this whisky, adding a touch of complexity and depth. I can detect hints of raisins, figs, and perhaps even some dried apricot. These flavors add a subtle sweetness and a touch of tartness, creating a harmonious balance that is truly exquisite.

Nutmeg, a classic spice often associated with winter and holiday flavors, rounds out the tasting experience. It adds a gentle warmth and a touch of earthiness, tying all the flavors together and creating a whisky that is incredibly well-rounded.

What sets this release apart from others is the use of double cask maturation. The Macallan Double Cask 18 Years Old has been aged in a combination of American and European oak casks, which brings out the best of both worlds. The American oak imparts a rich vanilla and caramel flavor, while the European oak adds depth and complexity with its spiciness and dried fruit notes.

The Macallan Double Cask 18 Years Old, 2023 Release is a whisky that truly showcases the artistry and skill of the master distillers at Macallan. From its stunning golden hue to its complex flavor profile, every sip is a journey of discovery. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with a fine cigar or a piece of dark chocolate, this whisky is sure to leave a lasting impression.