When was Lagavulin Offerman Edition released?

Answered by Bill Hernandez

The Lagavulin Offerman Edition was first released in 2019, marking the debut of this special edition . As an expert sommelier and brewer, I must say that this release was highly anticipated, especially considering the strong association between Lagavulin and the beloved actor and comedian Nick Offerman.

I remember the excitement that surrounded the announcement of this collaboration. Lagavulin, a renowned Islay distillery known for its exceptional single , had decided to create a unique expression in honor of Offerman's devotion to their whisky. It was a match made in heaven, merging the craftsmanship of Lagavulin with the iconic personality of Offerman.

The first release of the Lagavulin Offerman Edition featured an 11-year-old whisky, which was matured in American oak casks. This aging process imparted the characteristic smoky and peaty flavors that Lagavulin is celebrated for. I recall savoring the rich, complex aromas of this expression, with hints of maritime smoke, brine, and a touch of sweet malt. It was truly a delight for the senses.

Fast forward to the spring of 2021, and Lagavulin surprised us once again with a second Offerman Edition release. This time, they took the 11-year-old whisky from the initial release and finished it for an additional four months in Guinness casks. This added a fascinating twist to the flavor profile, bringing together the distinct characteristics of Lagavulin's smoky whisky with the rich and roasty notes of Guinness .

I had the privilege of tasting this second release, and I must say it was a truly remarkable experience. The combination of Lagavulin's signature peat smoke with the hints of dark chocolate, roasted , and malted barley from the Guinness casks created a harmonious and complex palate. It was a true celebration of both Lagavulin's expertise in whisky making and Offerman's appreciation for a finely crafted .

The Lagavulin Offerman Edition has become a highly sought-after release for whisky enthusiasts and fans of Nick Offerman alike. It showcases the artistry and dedication of Lagavulin in creating exceptional single malt scotch, while paying homage to Offerman's love for the brand. Whether it's the original 11-year-old expression or the unique Guinness cask finish, both releases offer a memorable drinking experience that is sure to please whisky connoisseurs.