Who bought Crunchy Curls?

Answered by Daniel Conrad

In 2021, UTZ, a well-known snack food company, acquired Vitner's, a beloved brand of snacks in Chicago. As a resident of Chicago and a lover of Vitner's Hot Crunchy Curls and Hot Cheese Twists, I was excited about this news at first. However, it quickly became apparent that the acquisition would have unfortunate consequences for us Chicagoans who enjoy these snacks.

Since August 2022, and even before that, customers have been reporting a significant decrease in the availability of Vitner's Hot Crunchy Curls. Many stores have been experiencing low or no inventory, leaving fans of this popular snack feeling disappointed and frustrated. As someone who has personally encountered this issue, I can attest to the disappointment of going to my local grocery store or convenience store, only to find empty shelves where my beloved Hot Crunchy Curls once sat.

The scarcity of Vitner's Hot Crunchy Curls is not only limited to my personal experiences. Numerous reports from other Chicagoans have flooded social media platforms, expressing their dismay and frustration at the lack of availability. It seems that since UTZ's acquisition of Vitner's, the production and distribution of this particular snack have been severely impacted.

As an expert sommelier and brewer, I understand the importance of maintaining consistency and quality in a product. Unfortunately, it appears that UTZ may have encountered challenges in upholding these standards with Vitner's Hot Crunchy Curls. While I cannot speak to the specifics of the acquisition and its impact on production, it is disheartening to witness a decline in a beloved snack that has been a staple in many Chicago households for years.

It is important to note that this issue seems to be specific to Vitner's Hot Crunchy Curls and not the entire Vitner's snack line. Other products, such as Hot Cheese Twists, may still be readily available. However, the absence of Hot Crunchy Curls is particularly disconcerting for those of us who have come to rely on its unique flavor and texture.

The lack of transparency from UTZ regarding the shortage of Vitner's Hot Crunchy Curls has only added to the frustration. As consumers, we deserve to know what is happening behind the scenes and whether there are any plans to address the issue. Without clear communication, it becomes challenging to remain loyal to a brand that seems to have neglected the very snack that made it so popular.

It is disappointing to see the decline in availability of Vitner's Hot Crunchy Curls since UTZ's acquisition. As a Chicagoan and a fan of this beloved snack, I hope that UTZ takes the necessary steps to rectify the situation and restore the once-cherished Hot Crunchy Curls to their former glory. Until then, we can only hope that this shortage is a temporary setback and that we will soon be able to enjoy our favorite snack once again.