Who makes H3 wines?

Answered by Daniel Conrad

H3 wines are crafted by a team of talented winemakers at the H3 winery, which is a sister project of the renowned Columbia Crest Winery. This project was initiated in 2008 with the aim of showcasing the unique expression of the Horse Heaven Hills AVA through its wines. The team behind H3 wines is dedicated to capturing the essence and character of this specific region, known for its exceptional vineyards and terroir.

Having had the opportunity to taste and experience H3 wines myself, I can attest to the craftsmanship and dedication that goes into each bottle. The winemakers at H3 have a deep understanding of the Horse Heaven Hills AVA and the grapes that thrive in this particular microclimate. They work closely with the vineyard managers to ensure that only the highest quality grapes are selected for their wines.

One of the things that sets H3 wines apart is their commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. The winery takes great care in managing their vineyards in a way that preserves the natural balance of the ecosystem. This not only ensures the health of the vines but also contributes to the overall quality and expression of the wines.

The H3 winemakers are also known for their attention to detail during the winemaking process. From the careful hand-harvesting of the grapes to the meticulous sorting and fermentation, every step is taken to ensure that the true character of the fruit is captured in the final product. This dedication to quality is evident in the complexity and depth of flavors found in H3 wines.

Another aspect that sets H3 wines apart is their commitment to consistency. Each vintage strives to maintain the same level of excellence and expression that has come to be expected from H3. This consistency allows enthusiasts and consumers to trust in the quality of H3 wines year after year.

H3 wines are made by a team of skilled and passionate winemakers at the H3 winery, a sister project of Columbia Crest. They are dedicated to showcasing the unique expression of the Horse Heaven Hills AVA through their wines. With a focus on quality, sustainability, and consistency, H3 wines have established themselves as a standout brand within the wine industry.