Who owns Clover Club NYC?

Answered by Charles Pate

Clover Club NYC is co-owned by Julie Reiner, a highly respected and accomplished figure in the cocktail industry. Julie's passion for mixology and her dedication to creating exceptional drinking experiences have earned her a revered reputation among both industry professionals and cocktail enthusiasts.

Julie's journey in the world of began over two decades ago when she started working as a bartender in New York City. She honed her skills and knowledge by working at various renowned establishments, including the Flatiron Lounge and the Pegu Club. Through her experiences, she developed a deep appreciation for the art of crafting cocktails and a desire to create her own unique concepts.

In 2008, Julie and her business partner, Susan Federoff, opened Clover Club in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. The bar quickly gained recognition for its expertly crafted cocktails and elegant ambiance. Julie's expertise in mixology and her commitment to using high-quality ingredients set Clover Club apart from other establishments.

The success of Clover Club led Julie to expand her portfolio, and in 2015, she opened Leyenda, a Latin-inspired cocktail bar also located in Carroll Gardens. Leyenda showcases Julie's love for Latin American and flavors, offering a diverse menu of innovative and delicious cocktails.

As a co-owner, Julie brings her expertise and creativity to both Clover Club and Leyenda. She is involved in all aspects of the business, from developing the cocktail menus to training the staff. Her attention to detail and commitment to excellence are evident in every aspect of the bars' operations.

Julie's contributions to the cocktail industry extend beyond her ownership of Clover Club and Leyenda. She has also written a book called “The Craft Cocktail Party: Delicious Drinks for Every Occasion,” which provides readers with recipes and tips for hosting their own cocktail parties. Her book showcases her knowledge and passion for mixology, making it a valuable resource for both aspiring bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts.

Julie Reiner is the co-owner of Clover Club NYC. Her expertise, creativity, and dedication to the craft of cocktail making have made Clover Club and Leyenda highly respected and beloved establishments in the cocktail world. Her contributions to the industry extend beyond her ownership, as she shares her knowledge through her book and continues to inspire and educate others in the art of mixology.