49Th State Brewing Denali – One Of The Best Breweries In Alaska

If you're looking for an exceptional experience, then 49th State Denali is the place to be. Located in Anchorage, Alaska, this microbrewery has been producing high-quality beers since 2010. With a range of IPAs, lagers, stouts, porters and wheat beers to choose from, there's something for everyone at 49th State Brewing Denali.

The brewery was founded by three friends who met while working at a local microbrewery and shared a passion for beer. After deciding to pursue their own venture together, they opened 49th State Brewing Denali in 2010. Since then, they've gone on to produce around 5,000 of beer each year and have earned numerous awards for their outstanding brews.

At 49th State Brewing Denali, customers can enjoy a wide selection of craft beers that will delight even the most discerning beer connoisseur. The brewery offers year-round beers such as IPAs and lagers as well as seasonal concoctions that are only available for a limited time – so be sure to check back regularly! In addition to these delicious offerings, the brewery also produces kegs for restaurants and bars in Anchorage and across the state.

49th state brewing denali

Who Owns 49th State Brewing?

Jason Motyka and David McCarthy are the co-owners of 49th State Brewing. The two first met while working together at a hotel in Anchorage, Alaska. They bonded over ther shared love of and soon began brewing their own beers in a small garage. In 2013, they opened 49th State Brewing, which has since become a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. The brewery offers a wide variety of beer styles, as well as food options that pair perfectly with beer. 49th State Brewing is just one part of Jason and David's larger network of companies that provide seasonal food and lodging amenities to over a million annual tourists.

What Breweries Are In Anchorage Alaska?

Anchorage, Alaska is home to a number of breweries, including Midnight Sun Brewing Company, Turnagain Brewing, King Street Brewing Company, Double Shovel Company, Cynosure Brewing, Resolution Brewing Company, and Odd Man Rush Brewing. These breweries produce a wide range of craft beers and ciders that can be enjoyed in the Anchorage area.

How Many Microbreweries Are In Alaska?

As of September 2017, there are 40+ breweries in Alaska. This number is constantly changing, as new breweries open and others close. Alaska ranks eighth in the nation for the number of breweries per capita, with a population of around 800,000.

What Beers Are Brewed In Alaska?

There are many different types of beers brewed in Alaska. Some of the most popular ones include the Halibut Point Hefeweizen, the Baranof Island Brewing Co. Spruce Tip Pale , the Roughneck , the Arctic Rhino, the Galaxy White , the HooDoo Stout, and the Denali Blonde.

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