Austria’s Finest Beer Brands

Austria may be known for its stunning landscapes, rich history, and classical music, but it is also home to a thriving culture. While many people associate Austria with , the truth is that Austrians actually consume more beer than wine. In fact, the most popular beer style in Austria is the Austrian Märzen, a filtered that holds an impressive 60% market share.

It's important to note that Austrian Märzen should not be confused with Bavarian Märzen. While both styles are lagers, they have distinct characteristics that set them apart. Austrian Märzen is known for its smooth and balanced flavors, with a malty sweetness and a clean finish. It is typically amber in color and has a moderate content.

When it comes to beer brands in Austria, there are several big players that dominate the market. In Vienna, some of the most popular brands include Ottakringer, Stiegl, Zipfer, and Gösser. These breweries have been producing high-quality beers for decades and have built a loyal following among locals and visitors alike.

However, Austria is also home to a number of small and private breweries that produce specialty beers that are worth seeking out. These breweries often focus on creating unique and innovative flavors, pushing the boundaries of traditional beer styles. Whether you're a fan of hoppy IPAs, rich stouts, or refreshing wheat beers, you're sure to find something to suit your taste among Austria's offerings.

One of the most famous beer styles to come out of Vienna is the Viennese lager. This style originated in the city and is known for its deep amber color and smooth, malty flavors. Viennese lagers are often described as having a toasty character with hints of caramel and bread crust. They are highly drinkable and pair well with a wide range of foods.

While Vienna may be the epicenter of Austria's beer scene, you can find great beers throughout the country. Whether you're in the bustling city of Salzburg, the picturesque region of Tyrol, or the historic city of Graz, you're bound to come across breweries and beer establishments that cater to both locals and tourists.

In Australia, beer preferences differ from those in Austria. The most popular pint on pour in Australia is the Balter XPA, known for its hoppy and refreshing flavors. In Victoria, Carlton Draught takes the top spot, while Felon's Crisp Lager is the favorite in Queensland. Western Australia favors Swan Draught, and Coopers Pale is the go-to choice in South Australia.

Austria may not be the first country that comes to mind when thinking about beer, but it has a vibrant and diverse beer culture that is worth exploring. From the traditional Austrian Märzen to the innovative creations of craft breweries, there is something for every beer lover to enjoy in Austria. So raise a glass and toast to the rich beer heritage of this beautiful country.

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What Is The Most Popular Beer In Austria?

The most popular beer in Austria is Austrian Märzen. This style of beer accounts for approximately 60% of the market share in the country. It is important to note that Austrian Märzen is distinct from Bavarian Märzen, despite the similarity in name. Austrian Märzen is a filtered lager, known for its crisp and refreshing taste. It is widely enjoyed by beer enthusiasts and is a staple in Austria's beer culture.

Key points:
– Austrian Märzen is the most popular beer in Austria.
– It holds about 60% market share in the country.
– Austrian Märzen is a filtered lager.
– It has a distinct taste, described as crisp and refreshing.
– Austrian Märzen is a significant part of Austria's beer culture.

What Is Australia's Famous Beer Brand?

Australia is known for its vibrant beer culture, and there are several famous beer brands that have gained recognition both domestically and internationally. Some of the most well-known Australian beer brands include:

1. Foster's: Foster's Lager is perhaps one of the most famous Australian beer brands globally. It is a pale lager known for its distinctive blue and gold branding.

2. Victoria (VB): VB is an iconic Australian beer brand that has been around since the late 1800s. It is a full-flavored, bitter-style lager and is particularly popular in the state of Victoria.

3. XXXX: XXXX, pronounced as “Four X,” is a Queensland beer brand that has become synonymous with the state. It offers a range of beers, including XXXX Gold, XXXX Bitter, and XXXX Summer Bright Lager.

4. Tooheys: Tooheys is a New South Wales-based beer brand that produces a variety of beers, including Tooheys New, Tooheys Old, and Tooheys Extra Dry. Tooheys New, a full-strength lager, is especially popular.

5. Coopers: Coopers is a South Australian beer brand that is well-known for its range of ales, including Coopers Pale Ale, Coopers Ale, and Coopers Original Pale Ale. Coopers Pale Ale has gained popularity both domestically and internationally.

6. James Squire: James Squire is a craft beer brand named after Australia's first brewer. It offers a wide range of beers, including the popular James Squire 150 Lashes Pale Ale, Nine Tales Amber Ale, and Jack of Spades Porter.

7. Little Creatures: Little Creatures is a Western Australian beer brand that is known for its unique and flavorsome beers. Their flagship beer, Little Creatures Pale Ale, is particularly popular.

8. Matilda Bay: Matilda Bay is a craft beer brand that produces a range of innovative and flavorsome beers. Their most famous beer is Matilda Bay Fat Yak, an American-style pale ale.

These are just a few examples of the famous beer brands in Australia. The country has a thriving beer industry with a multitude of breweries and beer styles to choose from.


The Austrian beer scene offers a diverse range of brands and styles to satisfy any beer lover's taste. The most popular beer style in Austria is the Austrian Märzen, a filtered lager that holds a significant market share. It is important to note that Austrian Märzen should not be confused with Bavarian Märzen. Some of the biggest brands in Vienna include Ottakringer, Stiegl, Zipfer, and Gösser, but there are also numerous small and private breweries that offer specialty beers.

Contrary to popular belief, Austria is not just a land of wines; the Austrians actually consume more beer than wine. This can be confirmed not only by statistics but also by the abundance of beer establishments and beer gardens throughout the country. Vienna, in particular, is famous for being the birthplace of Viennese lager beer.

When it comes to popular beer orders, it varies across different regions in Australia. The Balter XPA is the most popular pint in Australia overall, while Carlton Draught takes the lead in Victoria. Felon's Crisp Lager is the top choice in Queensland, Swan Draught in Western Australia, and Coopers Pale Ale in South Australia.

Austrian beer brands offer a wide selection of flavors and styles, ensuring that beer enthusiasts will not be disappointed. Whether it's the traditional Austrian Märzen or the craft beers from smaller breweries, there is something for everyone to enjoy in the Austrian beer scene.

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