The Rise of Balcones Rumble

Balcones Rumble is a unique spirit that is made in Texas. This libation is created using a blend of local wildflower honey, mission figs, and turbinado sugar. These ingredients are then fermented and distilled before being aged in small oak . The resulting spirit is a curiously -like drink that has a complex and enticing flavor profile.

One of the most prominent notes in Balcones Rumble is sweet vanilla. This flavor is complemented by the presence of dried fruits, jam, and baking spices. Cinnamon candy and fruit cocktail are also detectable, along with a strong oak influence. The finish of this spirit is long and lingering, with notes of honey, leather, and pipe tobacco.

The creation of Balcones Rumble was a collaborative effort between the distillery's founder, Chip Tate, and head distiller, Jared Himstedt. The two men sought to create a unique spirit that was unlie anything else on the market. By using local ingredients and a unique aging process, they were able to achieve their goal and create a spirit that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Despite its rum-like qualities, Balcones Rumble is not technically a rum. Instead, it falls into the category of a honey . This is due to the fact that it is made using honey as a primary ingredient. However, the unique blend of flavors and the aging process give it a character that is all its own.

In 2022, Diageo announced that it had acquired Balcones Distilling, the company behind Balcones Rumble. This acquisition is a testament to the quality and popularity of the spirit, as well as the innovation and creativity of the distillery. With Diageo's support, Balcones Distilling is poised to continue producing exceptional for years to come.

Balcones Rumble is a truly unique spirit that is unlike anything else on the market. Its complex flavor profile, which includes notes of sweet vanilla, dried fruits, and oak, make it a popular choice among spirits enthusiasts. Whether enjoyed on its own or mixed into a cocktail, Balcones Rumble is a drink that is sure to impress.

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The Liquor Type of Rumble

Rumble is a unique and distinct type of spirit that is produced in Texas. It is made from a blend of local wildflower honey, mission figs, and turbinado sugar. These ingredients are fermented and distilled, and then the resulting spirit is aged in small oak barrels to achieve a smooth and complex flavor profile. Rumble is often compared to rum because of its sweetness and richness, but it is a distinct type of spirit with its own unique qualities. It has a complex flavor that combines the sweetness of honey and figs with a subtle spiciness and a hint of oak from the aging process. Rumble is a one-of-a-kind spirit that is sure to impress anyone who enjoys trying new and unique liquors.

What Does the Taste of Rumble Imply?

Rumble, also known as rum, is a spirit that is derived from sugarcane or molasses. It has a complex flavor profile that is influenced by a variety of factors, such as the type of sugar used, the fermentation process, and the aging method. Generally, rumble has a sweet, rich taste with notes of vanilla, caramel, and honey. It also has a slightly spicy flavor that can range from mild to intense, depending on the type of rumble. Some rumble varieties may also have fruity or nutty undertones, such as dried fruits and nuts or tropical fruits like pineapple and mango. Additionally, rumble can have a smoky or oaky taste that is developed during the aging process. rumble is a flavorful spirit that offers a unique taste experience for tose who enjoy it.

Ownership of Balcones

As of November 2nd, 2022, Balcones Distilling is owned by Diageo, a multinational alcoholic beverages company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Prior to the acquisition, Balcones was an independent craft distiller based in Texas, known for producing high-quality American Single Whisky. However, with the acquisition, Diageo now holds ownership and control over Balcones' operations and assets.


Balcones Rumble is a trly unique and delicious spirit that offers a complex array of flavors and aromas. Made with local ingredients and aged in small oak barrels, it boasts a rum-like profile with notes of vanilla, dried fruits, baking spices, and honey. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as part of a cocktail, Balcones Rumble is sure to impress even the most discerning of drinkers. Its acquisition by Diageo, one of the largest and most respected spirits companies in the world, is a testament to its quality and popularity among enthusiasts. If you haven't tried Balcones Rumble yet, it's definitely worth seeking out for a truly memorable drinking experience.

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