15 Facts About Body On Tap Shampoo

The beauty industry has seen its fair share of creative products, but few have been as unique as Body on Tap shampoo. Developed with 1/3 real , this shampoo was designed to give hair a glossy sheen, though it's unclear if it actually delivered on that promise. While some may be tempted to try this beer-infused shampoo for themselves, actress Kim Basinger recently warned us against drinking it—as it is not meant for human consumption.

What is Body On Tap Shampoo?

Body on Tap shampoo was created by a company called and Wood in 2001. This revolutionary product contained 1/3 real beer and promised to give hair a glossy sheen when used correctly. It also included other ingredients like extract and wheat germ oil that were meant to nourish hair from root to tip.

Despite its ambitious claims, there is little evidence that suggests Body on Tap actually delivered results. Many customers reported that the shampoo was difficult to rinse out completely and left an unpleasant odor after use. Additionally, the added proteins from the beer could have caused more harm than good since they can weigh down hair and make it difficult to style.

The Warning From Kim Basinger

Though we may never know if Body on Tap shampoo truly worked as advertised, one thing remains certain—it should never be ingested! Actress Kim Basinger recently spoke out against this product after hearing reports of people drinking it in an attempt to get intoxicated or “high” off the content. Though it contains 1/3 real beer, there isn't enough alcohol in each bottle of shampoo for any kind of intoxication effect—and even if there were enough alcohol present, ingesting a beer-based product can be dangerous due to possible contamination with bacteria or other additives like fragrances or preservatives.

For these reasons (and many more) Ms. Basinger strongly advised people not to drink Body on Tap shampoo under any circumstances!

Benefits Of Beer In Hair Care Products

Though Body On Tap did not work exactly as intended, many experts still believe that beer can yield positive results when used correctly in hair care products such as shampoos and conditioners. The proteins found in beer are thought to help strengthen strands while adding shine and moisture at the same time—but only when used in small amounts! Too much protein can cause build up and leave hair feeling heavy over time—so moderation is key when incorporating beer into your haircare routine!

Was There A Shampoo Called Beer On Tap?

Yes, there was a shampoo called “Body on Tap” that was brewed with 1/3 real beer. However, the actress Kim Basinger warned us not to drink it, as the shampoo was not meant for human consumption. The beer in the shampoo was supposed to give hair more shine, but it is unclear whether or not it actually had any effect.

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Do They Still Make Beer Shampoo?

Yes, beer shampoo does sill exist, and there are a few reasons why it could be a great option for your locks. Beer is rich in B vitamins and proteins, both of which are essential for healthy hair. The carbonation in beer can also help to add volume and shine to hair. Finally, the hops in beer have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can help to protect hair from damage.

Is It Good To Wash Your Hair With Beer?

There is no evidence that beer is beneficial for your hair when applied topically or ingested.

What Hair Type Is Beer Shampoo For?

Our Beer Shampoo is for all hair types and colours. It works best on hair that's dry, damaged, bleached and coloured.

70's Beer Shampoo Commercial – Body On Tap

What Does Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific Smell Like?

The shampoo is noted for its pungent floral fragrance that softened ater rinsing and remained in the user's hair for an extended period of time. The shampoo's unique scent has been described as smelling like a combination of chamomile, bubblegum and sage.

When Did They Stop Making Body On Tap Shampoo?

The body on tap shampoo was discontinued in the 1980s. It was an amazing bodyfing shampoo that unfortunately was discontinued. It is unknown why it was discontinued, but it was a popular product amog many people.

What Does Beer Shampoo Smell Like?

The smell of beer shampoo is a little bit like the smell of beer. It has a slightly earthy, malty and hoppy smell to it. Some people find the smell to be unpleasant, whle others find it to be quite pleasant.

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Is There A Shampoo That Smells Like Body On Tap?

There is no such shampoo that smells like Body on Tap. However, the company does make a variety of other scented shampoos, including: apple, blueberry, cherry, grape, and strawberry.

Is Beer Shampoo Good For Thin Hair?

Yes, beer shampoo is good for thin hair. The beer in the shampoo cleanses the scalp very thoroughly, this initiates a new growth of hair on the scalp. The hair that grows as a result of the cleansing action of the Beer Shampoo, is very healthy and of very good quality.

Does Beer Thicken Hair?

There is no scientific evidence that beer thickens hair. However, some people believe that beer can help to thicken hair bcause it is rich in proteins and vitamins.

What Are The Benefits Of Beer Shampoo?

The benefits of beer shampoo include improved luster, shine, condition and softness. Beer shampoo also makes hair more manageable, helps prevent dry scalp and removes dandruff.

Beer has properties such as phosphorus, copper, magnesium and all of the B vitamins, whih makes it the ultimate hair care ingredient! Phosphorus helps to build strong bones and teeth, copper is essential for the production of red blood cells, magnesium regulates nerve and muscle function, and all of the B vitamins are essential for healthy hair growth.

Can I Use Beer Shampoo Daily?

No, you should not use beer shampoo daily. Beer shampoo is a great way to remove excess oil from your hair and scalp, and it can also help to prevent dandruff and itchiness. However, uing beer shampoo daily can strip your hair of its natural oils, which can lead to dryness and damage. You should use beer shampoo no more than once every three days.

Is Beer Shampoo Good For Dry And Frizzy Hair?

Yes, beer shampoo is good for dry and frizzy hair. The and hops in beer help to condition and nourish the hair, wile the carbonation helps to add shine and bounce. Beer shampoo is also mild enough to be used on an everyday basis.

Does Beer Shampoo Contain Alcohol?

Yes, beer shampoo does contain alcohol. However, the alcohol content is typically quite low, typically around 0.25% v/v. This means that the shampoo contains 1% w/v diethyl phthalate. Catherine Zeta-Jones has approved it to be a sweet treat to the hair.

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