DuClaw Brewing’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Beer

Chocolate peanut butter is a unique and indulgent brew that combines the rich flavors of chocolate, , and peanut butter with the classic characteristics of a malty beer. One such example is the popular Sweet Baby Jesus! beer by DuClaw Company.

This beer has a moderate 6.2% by volume (ABV), making it a drinkable option for beer enthusiasts. It pours a deep, dark color that hints at the decadent flavors to come. The aroma is enticing, with notes of chocolate and coffee wafting from the glass.

Upon taking the first sip, you'll immediately notice the creamy and smooth texture of this beer. The flavor profile is dominated by the delightful combination of chocolate, coffee, and peanut butter. The chocolate adds a rich and slightly sweet element, while the coffee adds a subtle bitterness that balances out the sweetness. The peanut butter brings a unique and nutty flavor that adds depth to the overall taste.

Despite its sweetness, Sweet Baby Jesus! is not overly cloying. The hop character is present but subtle, providing a gentle bitterness that prevents the beer from becoming too saccharine. The balance between the sweet and flavors is well-executed, making this beer enjoyable for a wide range of palates.

The finish of Sweet Baby Jesus! is dry and roasty, with lingering notes of chocolate, espresso, and peanut butter. The flavors are so rich and pronounced that you'll find yourself exclaiming the beer's name in delight.

Chocolate peanut butter beer offers a unique and indulgent drinking experience. It combines the beloved flavors of chocolate, coffee, and peanut butter with the familiar characteristics of a malty beer. Whether you're a fan of sweet treats or a beer enthusiast looking for something different, this style of beer is worth exploring.

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Is There A Peanut Butter Beer?

There is peanut butter beer available in the market. Peanut butter beer is a unique beer variant that combines the flavors of beer with the creamy and nutty taste of peanut butter. This type of beer is often brewed using ingredients that mimic the flavors of peanut butter, such as using peanut butter extract, roasted peanuts, or peanut butter powder during the brewing process.

Peanut butter beers can vary in taste and style, with some being more subtle in their peanut butter flavor, while others have a more pronounced and rich peanut butter taste. The addition of honey and molasses can enhance the sweetness of the beer and complement the nutty flavors of the peanut butter.

The ABV (Alcohol By Volume) and IBU (International Bitterness Units) of peanut butter beers can vary depending on the specific brew and the brewery that produces it. The ABV typically ranges from around 4% to 10% or even higher, while the IBU can range from low bitterness to higher bitterness levels, depending on the desired balance between the peanut butter sweetness and the bitterness of the beer.

Peanut butter beer offers a unique and flavorful experience for beer enthusiasts who enjoy the combination of sweet and nutty flavors. It is worth exploring different breweries and beer styles to find the peanut butter beer that suits your taste preferences.

What Is The Alcohol Content Of Sweet Baby Jesus Beer?

The alcohol content of Sweet Baby Jesus beer is moderate, with a 6.2% ABV. This means that for every 100 milliliters of beer, approximately 6.2 milliliters is pure alcohol. It falls within the range of typical alcohol content for craft beers, providing a pleasant and enjoyable drinking experience without being overly potent. The balance of flavors in Sweet Baby Jesus, including its lightly sweet, malty taste, rich chocolate and coffee notes, and subtle hop character, is complemented by the moderate alcohol content. This allows for a well-rounded and satisfying beer that can be enjoyed by beer enthusiasts seeking a flavorful and enjoyable drinking experience.

Does Sweet Baby Jesus Beer Have Peanut Butter?

Sweet Baby Jesus beer does indeed have peanut butter as one of its prominent flavors. This beer is known for its rich and indulgent taste, and the inclusion of peanut butter adds a unique twist to the traditional style. The peanut butter flavor in Sweet Baby Jesus is rich and creamy, giving the beer a smooth and decadent character. It complements the roasty and chocolatey notes of the stout, creating a harmonious combination of flavors. The peanut butter in this beer is not overpowering, but rather adds a subtle and enjoyable element to the overall taste profile. So, if you're a fan of peanut butter and love the flavors of chocolate and espresso, Sweet Baby Jesus beer is definitely worth a try.


The Sweet Baby Jesus! beer from DuClaw Brewing Company is a delicious and unique combination of flavors. The creamy peanut butter, honey, and molasses create a sweet and rich taste that is perfectly balanced with the malty flavors of chocolate and coffee. The subtle hop character adds a nice touch of bitterness, while the moderate 6.2% ABV ensures a smooth and enjoyable drinking experience.

The beer finishes with a dry and roasty profile, leaving a lingering taste of chocolate, espresso, and peanut butter that is incredibly satisfying. The combination of these flavors is so rich and indulgent that you can't help but exclaim its name.

The Sweet Baby Jesus! beer is a must-try for any fan of chocolate and peanut butter. Its unique blend of flavors and well-balanced profile make it a standout choice in the world of craft beers. Whether you're a beer enthusiast or simply looking for a tasty treat, this beer is sure to please your palate.

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