The Traditional Craft of Deerhammer Whiskey

At Deerhammer Distilling Company, we believe in crafting with a deep respect for the traditions of American distilling. Founded in 2010 by Amy and Lenny Eckstein, this small-batch distiller is located in Buena Vista, Colorado – a picturesque town nestled alog the Arkansas River.

Deerhammer is proud to be steeped in tradition and committed to crafting whiskey that captures the spirit of Colorado. Whether it's our trademark single with its bold, robust flavor or our limited-run single barrel , each bottle is created with an eye for detail and a passion for quality.

Our commitment to quality begins with selecting only the finest locally-sourced ingredients, including corn grown on family farms and from high-mountain snowmelt. We take great pride in our craftsmanship — all of our whiskeys are carefully distilled in small batches usng traditional methods, such as pot stills and open-top fermenters.

We also understand that crafting great whiskey takes time — so while most distillers rush teir process to get product to market quickly, we take our time. Our flagship single malt whiskey spends up to five years aging in charred oak before it's ready to bottle — and it shows! Each sip reveals an exceptional depth of flavor that can only be achieved through careful maturation over time.

At Deerhammer Distilling Company, we're proud to be part of Colorado's rich whisky heritage — one sip at a time! Stop by our tasting room or order online today to taste what makes us special: evey drop of Deerhammer whiskey is crafted with passion and care here in beautiful Buena Vista, Colorado.

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The Location of Deerhammer Whiskey Production

Deerhammer whiskey is made in Buena Vista, Colorado, a small mountain town nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. The distillery has been producing world-class whiskey since 2012, using traditional distilling techniques and locally sourced grains to craft beloved expressions such as their Single Malt Whiskey, 4-Grain , White Dog Unaged Corn Whiskey, and Limited Run Single Barrel Spirits. They pride themelves on their commitment to quality and attention to detail, making sure each batch of whiskey is made with care and passion.

The Ownership of Deerhammer Distillery

Deerhammer Distillery is owned by husband and wife team Amy and Lenny Eckstein. The couple founded the distillery in 2010 after being drawn to Buena Vista, Colorado by the whitewater currents of the Arkansas River. Their passion for whiskey has been fueled by their adventurous spirit, and they have used this passion to craft some of the finest spirits in Colorado.


In conclusion, Deerhammer is a Colorado-based distillery that is steeped in tradition and crafting fine whiskey. Founded by Amy and Lenny Eckstein in 2010, the mission of Deerhammer is to redefine the flavor—and future—of independent American whiskey. With thir cornerstone single malt, 4-grain bourbon, and limited run single barrel spirits, Deerhammer has become one of the leading distilleries in Colorado. With their passion for whiskey driven by an adventurous spirit, Deerhammer strives to create unique and delicious whiskeys that capture the essence of Colorado.

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