The History of Egyptian Beer

has long held a significant place in the cultural fabric of Egypt, with a history dating back thousands of years. From ancient times to the present day, beer has been an integral part of Egyptian society, enjoyed for both its taste and its cultural significance.

In ancient Egypt, beer was more than just a – it was considered a type of food and was consumed on a daily basis. It played a central role in religious festivals and celebrations, where it was consumed in great quantities. This ancient beer, known as bouza, was made from barley and bread, and its production can be traced back to the Predynastic era.

Fast forward to -day Egypt, and beer still holds a prominent place in the country's drinking culture. Stella , a traditional lager and one of the most commonly found beers in Egypt, is perhaps the most well-known Egyptian beer. Part of the Heineken family, Stella Lager has been enjoyed by Egyptians for over a century.

While Stella Lager may be the go-to beer for many Egyptians, there are also a variety of other local and international beer brands available in the country. Local shops, such as Drinkies or Cheers, provide easy access to a wide selection of beers. Additionally, bars, restaurants, and hotels across Egypt offer a range of beer options to cater to different tastes and preferences.

One interesting aspect of Egyptian beer culture is the legal drinking age, which is now set at 21. This reflects a shift in drinking laws from the more lax approach of ancient times. However, beer remains readily available and accessible to those of legal drinking age, allowing Egyptians to continue enjoying this beloved beverage.

Beer has played a significant role in Egyptian culture throughout history. From its origins as bouza in ancient times to the present-day popularity of Stella Lager and other beer brands, beer continues to be a staple in Egyptian society. Whether enjoyed at religious festivals or simply as a refreshing drink, beer holds a special place in the hearts and of Egyptians.

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What Is The Most Popular Beer In Egypt?

The most popular beer in Egypt is Stella Lager. It is a traditional Lager and is part of the Heineken family. Stella Lager has been around for over 100 years and is often considered the beer most associated with Egyptian beers. Here are some key points about Stella Lager:

– It is the most commonly found beer in Egypt.
– Stella Lager is a traditional Lager, which means it has a light, crisp and refreshing taste.
– It is produced by Al Ahram, which is one of the largest breweries in Egypt.
– Stella Lager is known for its quality and consistency, making it a popular choice among locals and tourists alike.
– Being part of the Heineken family, Stella Lager benefits from the expertise and reputation of a well-established international beer brand.
– Despite its popularity, Stella Lager can sometimes be considered “just a lager” due to its mainstream image.

Stella Lager is the most popular beer in Egypt, known for its traditional Lager style and association with Egyptian beers.


Egyptian beer holds a rich historical significance in the country's culture and has evolved over thousands of years. From the ancient beer-like beverage called bouza to the modern-day Stella Lager, beer has been a staple in Egyptian society.

Throughout history, beer has been considered not just a beverage but a form of sustenance. In ancient Egypt, it was treated as a food source and was consumed daily in large quantities during religious festivals and celebrations. This highlights the importance and integral role beer played in the daily lives of ancient Egyptians.

Today, Stella Lager stands as the most commonly found beer in Egypt. As part of the Heineken family, Stella has become synonymous with Egyptian beers. While it may be seen by some as a traditional lager, its popularity and widespread availability make it a go-to choice for many beer enthusiasts in the country.

Egyptian beer culture has also adapted to changing times and regulations. While drinking laws have become stricter, beer is still easily accessible in Egypt. Local alcohol shops, bars, restaurants, and hotels provide ample opportunities for locals and tourists to enjoy a cold beer.

Egyptian beer showcases the rich history and cultural significance of this ancient beverage. From its origins in bouza to the modern-day lagers like Stella, beer has remained a beloved drink in Egypt. Whether enjoyed during religious festivities or simply as a refreshing beverage, beer continues to be an integral part of Egyptian culture.

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