How To Order Beer In French

is a popular enjoyed by many around the world. In France, beer is no exception, and ordering a beer can be a simple and enjoyable experience. Whether you are in a local bar or a fancy restaurant, here are some tips on how to order beer in French.

When you are ready to order, politely ask the bartender or waiter for a beer by saying, “Une bière, s'il vous plaît.” This phrase translates to “A beer, please.” Using “s'il vous plaît” shows your politeness and is a common way to make a request in French.

If you prefer a specific type of beer, you can specify your choice by saying, “Je voudrais une bière [type of beer], s'il vous plaît.” For example, if you want a pint of , you would say, “Je voudrais une bière blonde, s'il vous plaît.” This phrase translates to “I would like a blonde beer, please.”

It is important to note that the word “bière” covers a wide range of beer styles, including lagers, ales, stouts, and more. If you have a particular preference, do not hesitate to mention it to ensure you get the beer you desire.

In addition to ordering a beer, it can be helpful to know some French slang for beer. One commonly used term is “binouze.” This informal word for beer is recognized throughout France and can be used in casual settings. However, it is best to stick with “bière” when ordering in more formal establishments.

When ordering multiple beers, you can use the plural form by saying, “Des bières, s'il vous plaît.” This phrase translates to “Some beers, please.” It is a simple way to indicate that you would like more than one beer.

Once you have placed your order, the bartender or waiter will bring your beer to you. It is customary to say “merci” or “thank you” when receiving your drink. This small act of gratitude goes a long way in showing your appreciation for the service.

Remember, when ordering beer in French, it is important to remain polite and respectful. Using phrases such as “s'il vous plaît” and “merci” will help create a positive interaction with the staff.

Ordering beer in French is a straightforward process. By using polite phrases and specifying your preferences, you can easily enjoy a refreshing beer in France. So, next time you find yourself in a French establishment, confidently order a beer and savor the experience. Cheers!

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How Do You Order A Drink At A Bar In French?

To order a drink at a bar in French, you can follow these steps:

1. Approach the bar: Walk up to the bar counter and make sure it's not too crowded. If it is, wait for your turn.

2. Get the bartender's attention: Once you're at the bar, try to establish eye contact with the bartender or politely wave to get their attention.

3. Greet the bartender: When the bartender approaches you, it's customary to greet them with a polite “Bonjour” or “Bonsoir” (depending on the time of day).

4. Express your desire to order a drink: Use a polite phrase to indicate your intention to order a drink, such as “Je voudrais commander un verre, s'il vous plaît” (I would like to order a drink, please). You can replace “un verre” with the specific drink you want, such as “un verre de vin” (a glass of ) or “une bière” (a beer).

5. Specify your preference: If you have a particular brand or type of drink in mind, you can mention it after your initial request. For example, you could say “Je voudrais commander un verre de vin rouge, s'il vous plaît” (I would like to order a glass of , please).

6. Ask for recommendations (optional): If you're unsure about what to order or want to try something new, you can ask the bartender for their recommendation by saying “Qu'est-ce que vous me recommandez?” (What do you recommend?).

7. Confirm any additional details: If there are specific preferences or details you want to mention, such as the size of the drink or any mixers, you can do so at this point. For example, you could say “Est-ce que je pourrais avoir un verre de vin blanc sec, s'il vous plaît?” (Could I have a glass of dry , please?).

8. Thank the bartender and wait: Once you've placed your order, thank the bartender by saying “Merci” or “Merci beaucoup” (Thank you or Thank you very much). Then, wait patiently for your drink to be prepared.

Remember to always be polite and respectful when ordering at a bar in French. It's also a good idea to have some basic knowledge of the French names for different types of drinks to make the ordering process smoother.


Beer is a popular and widely consumed alcoholic beverage that has a rich history dating back thousands of years. It is made through the fermentation of grains, most commonly barley, and is known for its distinct flavors and aromas. Beer comes in a variety of styles, ranging from light and refreshing lagers to robust and flavorful ales. It is enjoyed by people all over the world and is often associated with social gatherings and celebrations. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in , with many breweries producing unique and innovative brews. Whether you prefer a classic pint of lager or an adventurous , beer offers a diverse range of options to suit every palate. So next time you find yourself at a bar or restaurant, why not indulge in a cold and refreshing beer to enhance your dining experience? Cheers!

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